Is there any way to permanently lower the replay volume of the introductory music used during the display of the character select screen?

Like some movie sound effects, I simply find that the music itself was recorded far too loudly. Listening to it is, to me, almost a form of audial assault. Attempts to find an acceptable volume level have failed.

I find the constant tweets and crescendos highly annoying, compounded by the short length and perpetual loop, on the very few occasions when I need to sit on that screen for a few minutes. I'm aware that Options>Audio>Volume>Music Volume (slider) will allow this music volume to be reduced. I've tried to lower it. But I cannot lower it enough for my liking on the character select screen without effectively turning music off entirely within the game. For instance, I'm at 35% Music Volume now, and I'ld like to rip my speakers (or my ears!) off so I don't have to hear it any more.

Other than constantly adjusting my Music Volume, is anyone aware of a way to substantially reduce the intro music? Or, barring that, to turn it off entirely? I remember that there is/was a text-based ini/config/prefs file at one time, if it's still there, maybe if I tweak something in there...? Heck, I'll consider almost any option to rectify this issue.