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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldarian_Grace View Post
    exactly, I've heard of people playing via tethering to their phones 3g connection when away from home. Hardly this 60 Mb plus were told we have to have to log in quick.

    Connection speed, by itself, was never my concern. I was obviously not very clear. I should have left the Comcast bashing off the end of the post, however the story has always stuck in my mind as being funny. (The tool, however, is still very useful for diagnosing/fixing connections and issues with them.)

    oops I didn't notice it had been almost two weeks since I had posted in here originally...been moving... that sort of stuff.... this thread should probably be either closed or at least moved to technical. IMO, threads like this only help occasionally anyways, as individual circumstances are just too varied.
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    About 6 months ago my load times were usually (but not always) VERY slow, sometimes it would take upwards of 5+ minutes to load any character from scratch. I took a break from the game, and in that time I have moved to a new house and also switched internet providers (from Comcast -> Charter).

    I just recently started playing again and have immediately noticed that my load times are significantly quicker (probably less than a minute every time now). Same computer, same wireless router, same game install, nothing changed in the hardware/software side at all, the only change was the internet provider and the house I sat in.

    So, that leads me to believe that either:
    A) Turbine patched the game during the time I took my LotRO break
    B) Charter routes the packets much better than Comcast did

    Since my load times were generally slow and also irregular when I was on Comcast I am leaning more towards B. I even made a comment to myself when I started up LotRO again a month ago that Charter must be routing things better as it was pretty noticeable right away that the load times were quicker...

    Who knows, it could even be some odd combo of how LotRO sends/receives its packets and how some providers prioritize the network traffic. If you are on a laptop maybe try to bring it to a friends house (if they have a different provider) and see if that makes any difference for you...

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    I installed my game on a 32gig sd drive and my load times are a lot better. The overall game is smoother too. I used a 2.0/3.0 thumb drive. It's currently only using 2.0 speed because my computer doesn't have a 3.0 port. I plan to buy a USB 3.0 extension very soon. Curious to see how much speed difference there is between USB 2.0 and 3.0.

    I still believe Turbine has a problem with the coding when people have to go to great lengths to play. The well known "hitching" in the game needs to be addressed too. If Turbine skipped a patch just to fix the code, I'd be a much much happier camper.


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