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    Firefoot still there?

    I noticed a thread started concerning the population of Firefoot and I wanted to chime in.

    I have 2 characters on Firefoot. One is at end level and the other somewhere around 50. It was, as the OP said, always a smaller server but it basically became a ghost server. I remember from times past that it had a feisty PvMP population (despite the rank farming going on, which no one really minded at the time). But now even that is a wasteland. I was extremely shocked when the hobbits run was held that there was enough people to escort the hobbit to Isengard! Being a small server I was acquainted with most of the notable players (those who /glff and the many many PUGs) but the last time I was on (before u13) I did not recognize anyone. This is all anecdotal and not the best method to determine if Firefoot is in a lull but that is my experience. I actually thought about transferring my level 95 to my main server but I keep him there just in case (in case of what I do not know).
    I am quoting myself. So is Firefoot active? I have some good memories on this server. I always felt that it was like the wild frontier, where people were not so concerned with formalities and the drama was actually entertaining (most peopel did not take themselves seriously).
    they are all dead.. they just don't know it yet....

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    No it is dead. However, according to the "god of censorship" only 10% were raiders and pvpers, and somehow when only 10% left the whole server died....

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    Firefoot is dead on the pvp side for sure. Population has gone down some but still some people that do content. Most games this age begin to die and server merges begin but they say thats not happening. U14 comes out on the 14th and that will bring alot of people back, for awhile at least
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMcC View Post
    No it is dead. However, according to the "god of censorship" only 10% were raiders and pvpers, and somehow when only 10% left the whole server died....

    Longer I'm away from this game the more sense you make.
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    I see plenty of people online when I'm in the lower levels with alts and when I'm at HD or Aldburg with my main and high alts.......

    However...that being said. I know alot of Kins have been hurt and people left for SWTOR, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls and other games as they are released. I know our kin occasionally will get active with people coming back on certain days, then go weeks with only me and one other person logging in.



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