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    Quote Originally Posted by TalianKross View Post
    So I found the area filter and cleared it. (So none will think me daft, I saw it before, but I didn't realize it was an edit box.) It took a few minutes for some reason (server lag or latency?), but eventually the player list filled to the 100 max entry limit. That's encouraging.

    Interestingly, on Landroval where I have been playing today, when I entered the /joinchannel globallff command, it said there was only one member in the channel (I guess now me.. ha!). And then for the next 2-3 hours, I didn't see a single chat from anyone. (Being alone in the channel, that's not too surprising. )

    Anyway, kept killing wolves and spiders (a mind-numbingly boring endeavor) until I made it to Level 10 which seemed to open up the Instance stuff you all were talking about above. I guess I'll go ahead and buy a least a month's worth of VIP access to help me explore this even further.

    Again, my apologies to Alferath for unintentionally hijacking his thread. If I have anymore questions, I'll properly start a thread of my own.

    the world channel for Landroval is just /glff i am on usually in the evenings pacific time and the glff has on average 100-130 but that does not count all the other players that don't use it as this is another rp server

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    At peak times, there are about 140 people in globallff on a good day on Laurelin. In the morning i saw about 40 people online... Amsterdam time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TalianKross View Post
    I did venture over to the Pony in Bree and was happy to see at least 10-15 players in there, all in "/rp on" mode (i.e., white names), but alas, it was dead silence (both in terms of text and emotes) with everyone just standing around doing nothing.
    Make sure you were on a chat tab that had both /say and /emote filters checked on. You right click the tab and go to 'filters' to see this. Dead silence with 10-15 people for 10 minutes, while possible, is incredibly unlikely. If you continue having issues seeing any sort of RP when you see so many white names gathered like that, either ask in /advice or just IM one of them and ask! If they don't reply within 3 minutes, assume AFK and ask someone else! Because you do get people AFK in the Pony on more than one occasion

    (Oh, and I tried to look you up, Laire, in the player list, but oddly it came up completely empty. [Yes, I cleared both the level and area filters.] Server glitch?)
    The 'find player' function ingame only works if the character is online. You will only see my character come up in search if I am on that character. It is easiest to find a specific person by adding them to your friend's list (in the social panel, 'o') and then waiting for them to be online the same time as you.

    And, HaleElven, no, I'm slowly doing the quests, but since they are one-shot only things, my idea was to level up some and then duo or trio the quests with others--not for the difficulty, but just the comradery.
    It's possible to find people to level with, but it may be more helpful to find a large kinship that has many different levels of players and encourages grouping, if that is your ultimate goal.

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    There's another reason for grouping which is much easier to sync with other players: Slayer Deeds. You've got a bunch of them started in your deed log already. Things like: kill 30 then 60 wolves in The Shire or Brigands in Bree-Land. You want to complete these in order to get the Virtue point, or perhaps just the TP and/or Title. Often the opponents are gray and won't aggro you, and can barely damage you. There's no challenge and little risk, but that also makes them a great opportunity to meet other players who need the same deeds and chat while you all massacre wimpy mobs.

    Later on, when the count goes up (as high as 120 + 240 in Angmar), it can be tedious to complete these solo for a desired virtue. Much more fun to do these will 1-5 additional players. Also much more likely to be able to find a few others who need the same deed and are interested in joining you.
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    So if I form a fellowship with someone else, and I kill a wolf and he kills a different wolf, we each get credit for both kills?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TalianKross View Post
    So if I form a fellowship with someone else, and I kill a wolf and he kills a different wolf, we each get credit for both kills?
    Yes, as long as you aren't very far away from each other. You also get loot from both mobs.


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