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    Monster Play has no email or bank access...

    I'm enjoying monster play so far but I'm getting lots of items I would like to transfer to my regular characters. I see no way to do this. Email would work fine or the bank would be the ultimate. I have searched on the forums and there's nothing related to this problem I could find. Any insight would be appreciated, especially from the devs. Monster players have to move items through a third person to transfer to a different monster and email or a bank would eliminate the hassle of this. My main concern is moving to the regular characters on my account not just monster characters.

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    My understanding is that there were performance issues within the Moors due to the large number of human operated characters jumping around, firing skills in the Moors. Turbine used a miniature player character design for the Creeps to get acceptable performance. Hence Creeps do not have:

    1) Experience Points
    2) Equipment slots
    3) Houses
    4) Auction Hall
    5) Mail
    6) Lots of other features.

    Turbine decided to not allow any trading or sharing of stuff between the two factions even when the characters are on the same account. I have never seen any indication that Turbine wants to change this situation. It seems like any changes that I remember were to put stronger walls between the two factions.

    At one time it was possible for a Freep to mail stuff to a Creep. The Creep could not get the item(s) because there are no mailboxes that a Creep can access. Eventually the item(s) would be returned after the timeout. Instead of adding a mailbox in Gram, Turbine made it so that no mail could be sent to a Creep.

    A similar issue occurred with the Lotto. A Creep could enter the Lotto. Win a prize. The prize would get mailed to the Creep. No way to get it. Eventually the prize would be deleted when the mail timer expired.
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    This would be great, but if you need to send stuff to a second creep, make a F2P account and have a reaver sit in grams
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    Thanks for the info although it makes me sad

    I'm getting trade skill drops I would love to have and it just kills me to sell them to get rid of them due to the limited bag space.



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