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    Question Prices of Steel keys

    With deeds now giving out marks and loot boxes along with steel keys I have been able to sell a fare few usually starting at 1 Gold and to my glee they went for about 14Gb but I have noticed that the last few sold for about 2 Gold. Not that im complaining I have plenty of keys spare and 2 gold is 2 gold imho.

    Just curious, are people still willing to buy keys knowing they can grind for them?
    I mean its easy enough to run through the shire deeds and get some :P

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    Keys are pRNG dependent and some don't have good pRNG, so getting "some" from killing a few wolves and orcs - it just doesn't happen for many.

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    whats 20g in the scope of things?

    i have 1200 ish and im not even trying to make money. If I want a key ill drop 20g for one

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    SoAndSo is right. I made over 3500 gold off the 2A symbol / Starlit crystal rush for the 95 cap alone without trying vary hard. 20g might seem a bit excessive... but it sorta isn't.



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