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    Returning player looking for Oceanic kinship

    Hey Guys,

    Im returning to LOTRO after a long break and want to start fresh on a new server with a kinship that plays in an Oceania time zone. Any suggestions would be much appreciated : )

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    Elendilmir was originally the unofficial Oceanic server. When I log in during off hours for NA I see a fair number of, presumably, Oceanic players. They are concentrated in the high level areas, but that's true of every server.

    My own kinship (The Osgiliath Guard) is about 1/3 Oceanic and 2/3 NA. (The Older Gamers metaguild is based in Melbourne. Anyone age 25+ can join.) Aurora Australis is another AU kinship. There's more, but I don't recall any names offhand.
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    Quaresma7 Join Date Dec 1969
    Welcome back! It looks like the break has been long indeed.

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    Thanks Nosdracir, i will look into it. Hahaha 1969 joined before i was born, interesting.

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    The kinship in Elendilmir that I know (well, have strong
    suspicions concerning) is in Oz is called Aurora Australis. I
    don't know anyone in it, but I see members of that kinship
    around fairly frequently.

    Once you get your new character out of the newbie instance
    (Archet or Thorin's Gate, depending on race), keep your eyes
    open for player characters with that kinship under their name
    label. Send them a /tell.
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    thank you djheydt!

    I ended up choosing Elendilmir so i'll keep an eye out



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