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    Red face [EVENT] There And Back Again 2014 - The Musical

    In honor of Mister Bilbo Baggins's Birthday ,Shire Rose and Hobbit Heart proudly present a unique musical performance of songs, tales and poems inspired by Bilbo Baggins's adventures. An evening in which an adaptation of Mister Bilbo Baggins's great adventure will be told in music and words for your enjoyment. Songs, poems and stories will bring to life the incredible adventures of Bilbo and his companions as written by him.

    Date: September 21st, 2014

    Time: 8 pm ( British Summer Time) - 9 pm (CEST) - 3pm /servertime

    Location: Bag End gardens on The Hill - The Shire

    Some of the main characters in the story will be enacted, others will be mentioned in the narration.

    Characters in the story:

    Bilbo Baggins the hobbit
    Gandalf the wizard
    Thorin Oakenshield, leader of the dwarves
    Elrond Half-Elven, master of Rivendell
    Smaug the Dragon
    Bard the Bowman
    Dwarwes : Dwalin, Balin, Kili, Fili, Dori, Nori, Ori, Oin, Gloin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur.
    The three trolls
    Beorn - a shape-shifter who helps the travellers
    The Elvenking, lord of the Elves of Mirkwood
    The Master of Lake Town
    The thrush
    Bard the Bowman
    The Lord of the Eagles

    There And Back Again is a unique musical performance inspired by Bilbo's adventures in The Hobbit and adapted by Hobbit Heart for your pleasure. A musical and theatrical performance which will involve music, songs, tales and poems. It will be , of course, a simple version of a great story but we hope you will enjoy. All races are welcome. The performance will take place in the gardens of Bag End, The Hill, in the Shire and will take approximately 2 hours.

    The Hobbit or There And Back Again was originally a story Professor Tolkien wrote for his children. The book was published in 1937.It is a fantasy novel, a story of a heroic quest, a children's story....and , of course, a true hobbit tale

    "I am personally immensely amused by hobbits as such, and can contemplate them eating and making their rather fatuous remarks indefinitely" - J.R.R.Tolkien

    "We are plain quiet folk and have no use for adventures. Nasty disturbing uncomfortable things! Make you late for dinner!"- Bilbo Baggins

    "You're a very fine person, Mr. Baggins, and I'm quite fond of you. But you are really just a little fellow, in a wide world after all" - Gandalf

    Please do come and join us to celebrate Bilbo Baggins's birthday and adventures.

    There And Back Again - Teaser Trailers 1 ( from the 2013 production)

    THERE AND BACK AGAIN 2012 Forum Thread

    THERE AND BACK AGAIN 2013 Forum Thread
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    Wow, looks impressive! Will be there!
    "The turtle is my trinket". Founder of Club Slowtro.
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    Red face

    You would be amazed to learn how much preparation goes into a hobbit birthday party, especially when the 'birthday boy' is called Bilbo Baggins - Although it is still a few weeks away, food, ale and of course, fireworks , are been delivered daily to Bag End in preparation for ' an evening to remember!' Of course, we are still hard at work with music practices and moreto get ready to perform There And Back Again -The Musical 2014 . The cast has been rounded up, costumes take out of wardrobes, instruments tuned...etc etc.

    Make sure you save the date, Sunday, September 21st ...we wil welcome you all in the gardens of Bag End to transport you on an incredible adventure. So it is time to share the second teaser trailer for There And Back Again and the words of one of the songs we will perform - the song is called The Thrush And The Arrow and tells the story of how Bard the Bowman kills the great dragon Smaug that is attacking Lake Town , enjoy!

    The End Of The Golden by Once Upon A Hobbit, on Flickr

    On the shores of the big lake a town there lay
    Men and women there live, their children do play
    On the waters the moon shone ever so clear
    At the tall Lonely Mountain they looked up in fear
    At the tall Lonely Mountain they looked up in fear

    "Smaug the dragon is coming, cut the bridges! To arms!"
    Warning trumpets did sound and raised the alarm.
    Fire leaped from the dragon's jaws, caused the people to flee
    "To arms, men!" Bard the Bowman said as the dragon he sees

    Men were jumping in the water, swimming on to the shore
    Bard the Bowman did not move, shooting arrows galore
    His companions were leaving, his last arrow he drew
    As the small little thrush on his shoulder flew
    As the small little thrush on his shoulder flew

    Little bird gently whispered in Bard's ear so soon
    "Aim for dragon's left breast in the light of the moon!"
    Arrow, black arrow, I saved you to last..."
    "Never you failed me, go now and fast!"

    The great bow twanged, black arrow sped through the night
    Smaug the golden was hit, turned and crashed out of sight
    White hot steam leaped up from waters with a hiss sound
    Then silence returned, fires burning but safe was Lake Town

    Nevermore dragon will rest on the gold in the halls
    Nevermore men will fear the mountain so tall
    Little bird and Black Arrow flew in to the night
    Smaug the Golden now dead forevermore out of sight
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    Red face

    The stage this year will be at Bag End, in the gardens for we thought the background there looks stunning - Mrs Lobelia Sackville-Baggins has agreed to the use of Bag End's garden for one evening ( after a payment of 10 silver spoon and one new umbrella ) - do come early on the evening to secure the best sits - we kindly ask all tall folk that are planning on coming to the performance to rememer hobbits are small and may need to sit in front to have a good view.

    Amorey - Bard of the Shire

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    Red face

    Praparation for Mr Bilbo and Mr Frodo's birthday are in full swing at Bag End - Only a few days to go before we all get together for an evening when the great tale of Mr Bilbo's adventure will be told in words and songs.

    Here is the program of the evening for you to keep.


    -Evening program-

    (Introduction speech)

    -Song : There And Back Again -

    PROLOGUE - The History Of Erebor


    Opening Scene : Bag End , The Shire

    -Song : Pilgrim Grey -


    -Song : That Is What Bilbo Baggins Hate -

    -Song : The Hobbit In The Moon -

    -Song : Far Over The Misty Mountains Cold -


    -Song : The 3 Trolls -


    Scene 1 - Last Homely House, Rivendell

    -Song : Rivendell Valley -


    Scene 2 - Gollum's Cave

    -Song : Riddles In The Dark -

    Scene 2 - (continue)


    -Song : Beorn The Bear Man -


    -Song : Spider And Fly -


    -Song : Barrels Song -


    Scene 3 -Smaug's Lair, The Lonely Mountain

    -Song : Smaug And Bilbo -

    Scene 3 (continue)


    -Song : Thrush And Black Arrow


    -Song : Thorin's Farewell -


    -Song : Sing All Ye Joyful -


    -Song : The Road Goes On -


    Scene 4 - Bag End, The Shire

    -Song : There And Back Again -

    (Closing Speech)
    Amorey - Bard of the Shire

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    Very much looking forward to this


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    Thank You kindly Lord Kandral *cheers*

    The day has arrived for us to celebrate Bilbo's birthday with a musical version of his great adventure. All is ready for a great party at Bag End, so come along to secure the best seats in the house.

    We kindly ask the tall folk to let the hobbits seat in the front

    The cast of There And Back Again is as follow :

    Simbo : Narrator / Lord Elrond, Master of Rivendell

    Tahitoa : Thorin Oakenshield, Leader Of the Company

    Peppy : Gandalf the Wizard / the creature Gollum / Smaug the Golden

    Amorey : Bilbo Baggins

    We are looking forward to welcome you at Bag End
    Amorey - Bard of the Shire

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    my compliments for a wonderful performance. Stunning, great play!

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    Red face

    Quote Originally Posted by Thakalgundian View Post
    my compliments for a wonderful performance. Stunning, great play!
    Thank you kindly Lord Kandral, was a pleasure to perform in front of such amazing audience in the Shire *cheers*

    Here some of the images from last night

    The full image album from There And Back Again 2014 can be found HERE

    A huge 'thank you' to Anerra and Potty for helping us collect some of the most beautiful images of the evening

    Amorey - Bard of the Shire

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    What an amazing show! Everyone did such a great job with the music and the narration. I make my home on Landroval, but I make sure to stop by Laurelin once a year just for 'There and Back Again'. Thank you so much for putting this on, and I will see you next year, I hope!

    Gennyrose Greenblossom



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