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    Friends List Question

    Hi everyone,

    I'm wondering if I can play anonymously on my alt(s).

    If someone friends my character named AragornisAwesome, but I'm playing LegolasisLegendary, will they see Aragorn is offline and Legolas is online, or just Aragorn is offline?

    My google-fu was unable to get a definitive answer.

    Thanks in advance,

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    iirc, when you play anonymous, no one will see whether or not you're online on their friend menu, regardless of which of your character is online.
    And, even if you weren't anonymous, they'd only see the one character you're currently playing as, there wouldn't be any mention of your alts being online, since they can't be online.

    And, I hope those names are just hypotheticals, because they're distinctly lacking in creativity.

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    I am not sure what exactly your question is about, but I still hope one of the following will answer it:

    When someone adds your AragornisAwesome character as a friend, this will be the only character of yours he can see coming on/off line. You can play on your LegolasisLegendary alt safely, no one will know. Unless they add this alt as a friend as well, but they will never know if you never tell.

    When you mark your character as "anonymous" people will not see when you are coming online or in which area you are at the moment. Though they will still see the time when you last logged off on that character.
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    Thank you Lunasa - that answers my question and the question I didn't even know I had!

    Also HaleElven - thanks for letting me know that there was an anonymous mode!



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