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    moments from the past

    hey every1!
    i was abit bored in the maintnance (i'm sure every1 is) and i thought of starting this thread here...
    saw it in the general pvmp forums and thought it would be a nice idea to make it here also :P
    basically you post moments you remember from the ettens, ones that you will never forget
    some of mine are:

    me and Imilhir stealthed near red lug gy...full craid going out of the gy(after a wipe i guess) one BA (r7) was the last...i stunned him, and we killed him while the craid was passing the river..i remember myself shouting in the ingame voice "RUNNNNNNN!!!!"
    i made it to EC and inside DoF, imi got killed and the KB was for the BA that we killed

    i'm running towards blue Rop...all of a sudden 4 r0 wargs jump me, 1 WL coming from behind and 2 reavers charging on me (all r0 ofcorse)...
    1 minute later, me mounting up with 7 corpses around me, my morale on 20k (no heals no NS only pure dps )

    me, Haras, Imi, Lain and Fata running a group after a maintnance. trying to go from LC to TA. haras imi and lain getting stuck behind an invisible wall, can't exit Hitlad. me and fata keeping on. fata getting stuck in an invisible wall and keeps robber banding. (scared) me keeping on. starting to pass the river..."You have been incapacitated by misadventure"
    later in that day we were all with mount bug (others see you mounted even while you are not) or no mount bug (even while you're mounted ppl see you unmounted). great fun ^^

    our fraid trying to get to the middle boss to fight the craid...Kami leading it, deciding to jump to the lava to avoid fighting in bad conditions...freeps getting renown for every creep that dies, every1 laughing hard (and posting "thanks creeps!" in forums) was fun!

    24 man fraid getting bored and deciding to enter grams the hard way..everyone runs to the 1shotters, grimek getting to the entrance and then getting 1shotted...too bad it didn't work :S

    that's all from me, there are many more but i can't write everything
    all chars kinda retired, not playin anymore
    out of date but too bored to change it

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    This sounds cool.

    I have not been in the Withy moors very much, mostly PvEing so far, but I will share my favorite experience.

    I was leading a kinship craid a few weeks ago about 2 weeks ago, made up of 3 high ranks, 2 mid ranks, 4 low ranks, and 1 r0 out the first time.
    On our way to idop, the r0 decided to run off to poison the river without telling anyone.

    There happened to be 2 r9 freeps and 1 r13 about to start cleaning the river. They decided it would be fun to gank a solo greeny for easy points, and they tried. They new guy started to run and started to yell for help in TS. Before the freeps could bring him down, we reached him and the freeps turned tail, and ran to a small fraid similar to ours.

    We had a nice 15 minute or so fight, and in the end, we won. It was fun, and the r0 got to r2 in it.
    Withywindle characters-Caesaran (warden), Dernudan (Lore master)
    Brandywine characters- Dernudan (champion), Denthur (guardian), Delphinianic(captain)

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    1)raid of about 13 ppl, including 5 burglars. We used share the fun and the rest used racial or hunter stealth so we were all stealthed. Did a few "surprises" near grams, but just for fun, cause it was kinda unfair:-)

    2) The time withywindle was listed as reccomended and ettens were swarming with low ranks. Freeps were having godmode time, I remember 1v6 or even 1v8 fights I managed to win.

    3) Getting knives out set soon after it was introduced. Creeps didnt know it yet. Can remember using it against a warg pack who jumped me, 3 out of 4 wargs died.

    4) First PvMP Friday. Freep raid and creep raid were looking at each other at TR, not fighting, waiting for the right moment like in damn Battle of Helms Deep.
    Naius - Burglar of Withywindle

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    Airstripe one
    Many memories of Withywindle Moors, but the link below is 1 of the best.

    "Have I got time for a cup of tea Lads?"
    Phakdush Baka Withywindle
    The Gramsfoot Canaries

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    When I had my first touch with PvMP and served as a pocket wl for Gabort against Ithilien and DoH.

    When KR/Canaries were at the peak, fighting alongside red ranks as Lutz, Shakuru, Sisz, Hargen, Gabort, Muzluk, Elasto, Mirtz, Dodar, Pawjaw, Gorehowl, McDoomy, Baz, Lainie and so many others.

    Portuguese/Tuga groups against craids/fraids.

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    KR groups, usually led by Lutz, fighting 6 v 12+, wiping ofc, but getting at least 6 kills per charge.

    Recent 6 v 6s with skilled freeps and creeps - nervewracking as hell, but great fun.

    The old days when I was a really very nabby red rank and I used to stalk the Czech tribe groups around, people like Haza, Krat etc

    Time when Flat was taking AEOP and I charged in to help, bringing all npcs with me, almost killing Flat xD

    Did a similar thing at Lug not too long ago whilst on defiler, remember Aghi reprimanding me saying 'Akro! ### you should know better!' -> never felt so ashamed before in my life xD

    Many afternoons spent watching 12+ freeps camp a bunch of nabby creeps in lug gy, Boshal once leading and getting us some kills with his surprisingly soft and quiet voice.

    Evening spent chasing Nil around TA, had some nice close 1v1s

    Operation discover the OP flippers

    Chasing a sprinting freep from grams to DG as a red rank, fell off the dg path and lost a certain kill, he logged his defi later to commiserate me. I think he has made a comeback on creepside recently...

    Hating Lei's boring guard/cappy groups was always great fun if frustrating.

    The feeling of utter horror when in the early days I was put on rat or somebody was asking for a new lead - 'oh god no please not me'

    Trolling LC dogs with....trolls
    Akrorgash - r11 reaver // Morakh - r8 wl // Tyrakh r6 ba // Silthus r8 Defi // Rawrik r6 neglected warg // ----- Withywindle



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