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    Hello guys, I'm new in this game. I chose the server Eldar. I am Italian and I would like to know if there are guilds Italian. Thanks
    Ps: Can I move in another server where there are more Italian ...

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    Hey, welcome to LOTRO!
    You will not be able to move your characters to another server without a sizeable fee, however, you can always create new characters on another server for free. This would not he too bad when your characters on your old server are new.

    I am not able to help you on your other question
    Withywindle characters-Caesaran (warden), Dernudan (Lore master)
    Brandywine characters- Dernudan (champion), Denthur (guardian), Delphinianic(captain)

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    I don't know if any server has an Italian kinship. But Eldar is one of the smallest servers in general. The biggest European servers are Snowbourn and Laurelin (Laurelin is RP, which means you have to be careful about what character name you choose there, it has to be lore-appropriate).

    By the way, there's a global chat called globallff where you will find a large part of server people. You aren't placed on it automatically when you create a character, you have to type {/joinchannel globallff} (without {}). You could just join that channel and ask if there are any Italian kins in Eldar chat. Also, you could create lvl 1 characters on Snowbourn or other servers and ask the same.

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    Thank you very much guys =)

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    I think biggest italian kinship on Laurelin is Custodi Della Fiamma di Anor, but I'm sure there are more italian kinships, just can't remember their names.



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