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    Post Athe's Two Cents

    I have been contemplating a return to the Moors for some time now. I may have to take the plunge soon as I have just received the disturbing news that I am no longer at the top of Bralg’s KB list. (oh the shame)

    But all jokes aside, I have not been in the Moors in a while but I do read and listen and what I am reading/hearing is disturbing to say the least. Now I have never been a major player in PvMP and I likely never will be. I’m not talented enough at it to make a difference. I’m not a leader and I’m not that skilled a player either. But I do enjoy it when things are ‘as they should be’. So I feel that putting my opinions out there is acceptable.

    When I first began to PvMP there was a very different atmosphere than what I am seeing now. Yes there have always been arguments and disagreeing but there was a sort of camaraderie before that I am not seeing now. Everyone is arguing and not just between sides but within sides as well. And there are some things being allowed and even supported that should never be tolerated under any circumstances.

    I stopped coming to the Moors when I could no longer exit GV alone or in a small group without dying immediately. We have talked about this before and the creeps in question know who they are. I don’t hate you and perhaps you are decent human beings but I have no respect for your actions at that time. You made it pointless for me to come anymore. It was no longer enjoyable. I come expecting to die, I’m a not-so-talented squishy hunter and I know better than to think I can win against most of you. But I’d like to at least feel like I got to play a little bit before I am destroyed.

    Anyway, that is enough about me. This is not about me but about the state of the Ettenmoors on Withywindle in general. PvMP like all parts of this game is supposed to be FUN. It’s a game. We play it to have FUN. I don’t see much fun being reported here. And from what I have heard from the people I’ve actually spoken to I’m not hearing about much fun either. Everyone’s angry, there’s fighting, blaming, finger-pointing, people leaving, etc… Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect there to be a field full of flowers but we can treat each other with respect and still play this game, and play it well. I think it behooves us to remember that the guy across the battlefield or beside us is actually a human being. FYI we are not our characters and we all have feelings. Play with integrity. I don’t have to like you to have respect for you. And I really don’t care if you like me or not. But I can pretty much guarantee that you will not hear people say that I do not play fair.

    Now I don’t know how much is rumor and how much is truth but it bears mentioning that if the people who have recently arrived, reportedly because they destroyed their home server, are actually doing what it is said they are doing then it is my opinion that anyone who plays/groups with them should be ashamed of themselves. This type of behavior, if the reports are true, should never be tolerated. Cheating is cheating. And if they did destroy their home server are we going to support them while they destroy Withywindle also? Come on people, do a little digging, watch what’s going on, and take action accordingly.

    The state of the entire game at the moment is somewhat precarious. Those of us that are still here are still here for a reason. Maybe different reasons than others but we are still here. Why not work at making this a pvp zone we can all enjoy instead of supporting nonsense and treating each other badly.

    Just Athe’s two cents (oh alright maybe 3 cents). Thanks for listening.

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    Great post.

    I have not been PvPing much since I came from Brandy, only a r5 WL and a r4 62 completionist LM. However, I have noticed what you are describing a lot.
    Newbs being zerged, newbs being insulted, hate speech about people on either side.
    This never helps the action and just pisses everyone off, making a bad community.
    Withywindle characters-Caesaran (warden), Dernudan (Lore master)
    Brandywine characters- Dernudan (champion), Denthur (guardian), Delphinianic(captain)



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