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    30 Bonevale quests?

    I am trying to do the 30 Bonevale quest deed. I googled and found some things;

    I found the " "Crushed Vessel" (76.7S, 13.8W)" but it said I needed to do Something Foul which seems to be gven by Naeglanc but when I go to him he does not offer any quests. I have not been able to find out how to get that. Any help on this in particular, or Bonevale in general would be appreciated.

    Is there any addon or API or XML to show me the quests I have done?


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    To see completed quests. Open your quest log. Select the option to show completed quests. Go to the correct section which I believe id Dunland:Bonevales. Compare your log of completed quests to this:
    web resource
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    Also, be aware that there are a few items that drop from mobs that begin quests that further the quest chain.

    They're easy to miss thanks to since the devs changed the alerts panel into the hot steaming pile that it is today.

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    If this is the NPC that I think it is, there are a couple versions of him:
    • One is on the right in the Bonevales in Enedwaith, right along the edge of the map as you head into Dunland. He's off the road and set back on a tallish hill, so he's not visible until you actually climb the hill. It doesn't help that there are several wights in the area, some patrolling, making it awkward to get to him. It is this version that provides some of the first intro quests as you head into Dunland.
    • The other location for this NPC is the camp Echad Naeglanc, located on the bottom, left of the Bonevales. This version of the NPC offers various quests in the latter half of the quest lines - basically after his presence isn't needed in Enedwaith any longer.
    • A third version is located in the Mournshaws in Dunland, as the story line progresses. Not sure what he's doing here.
    In the first two cases these directions assume you're heading southbound along the road, heading into Dunland.

    PS: Lotro-wiki does not list all versions/occurrences of this NPC.



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