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    Post 'The Quest' Role-play Adventure Group

    Greetings Role players!

    I'm making this thread in the hopes of collecting enough like minded players to create a -Role-play Group- (not a Kinship)

    The idea behind the group is to create the kind of atmosphere that draws me so strongly to Middle Earth. The kind of group like that of the Fellowship. A diverse group made up of all sorts of people, each with their own strengths and weaknesses and unique backgrounds.

    My hope is to make this into a long term group that can build on each others stories and create a rich tale we will all remember.

    The plan is to have a Narrator (Gamemaster/DM) who oversees the group (with his own character in the group) and who will guide the players through the adventure. This is not to say the players won't have input in the direction of it but with all these kind of things there needs to be some oversight.

    I'm not restricting the groups membership but please note we're looking for people who have -real- characters, not the forgotten king of Gondor or one of the lost Wizards returned from the east.

    So, I'm looking for:
    - 10 or so RP'ers who are willing to get together every week or fortnight (as RL allows) on an evening.
    - Players must be willing to use a simple RPG system which I will make. Something that will take 5 minutes to make your characters stats.
    - A Co-Narrator who can help out with the running of our adventures so they run smoother.

    What you won't have to worry about:

    -Mandatory attendance. Just when you're able to join in is fine. That's why my aim is 10 people. So we should get 5 or so at least per event.
    -Loads of rules in the RPG system. It's really going to be bare bones just to add some sort of structure when required.
    -No RP when we're not adventuring. I'm talking in terms of timing here, we might be adventuring off in the Misty Mountains but it's your favorite Hobbit night at Bywater this evening .. players are free to make their own decisions on this and play it how they like, they can simply turn a blind eye to the travel time or have it take place IC at a later date. It really is upto you.
    -Lore breaking. It's not going to be to grandiose, we'll see where it takes us but you won't have to worry about us stealing the Ring from Frodo
    -Character death. Not saying there won't be any, but we certainly won't be forcing people down this road if it's not their wish. (Those who want it would approch the GM privately)

    Feel free to PM me or contact me in game on 'Wulfeld'

    And input is welcomed and I'd like to hear what peoples opinions are.

    Thanks for reading!

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    There is already a group set up for this here:


    "There will be no Dawn for Men" ~ Saruman the White

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    Thanks for letting me know.

    However this is most certainly different from Club Slowtro (which I think is awesome and hope to get involved with)

    -It's not a leveling group and the content of the adventures will be something we have all created, rather than using what's already been set forth in game.
    -There will not be a any level restrictions our adventures will take place in the 1-40 bracket most likely (though very low level characters may not be able to progress very far with us unfortunately unless we have enough high levels to protect them in those higher level areas.)
    -The characters don't have to be fresh IC. Though they can be, we're more than happy to take people who have IC backgrounds they have played through.

    I wouldn't want to encroach on what the club is doing so I just wanted to make the clarification (No reason peeps can't do both right? )
    We'll have events when possible, once a fortnight minimum to allow time to prepare a fun adventure.

    (Hope this is clear, any further clarification someone might like don't hesitate to poke me!)

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    Hi! Great new idea.
    I agree that it's not like Club Slowtro, which is more focused on levelling (slowly) and the epic story, but we're also starting to develop our own little stories. You're more than welcome to join us!
    I wish you good luck with the project and hope to hear more about how it unfolds. There's a lot of good people on this server, so there should be interest for it
    "The turtle is my trinket". Founder of Club Slowtro.
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    Just a little update.

    We currently have three members of the company and we're starting with the group when we reach ten or so.

    Folk of any races are more than welcome. (Not got any Elves/Dwarves yet!) If you're not sure your character would fit into the group, don't hesitate to poke me and I'm sure we'll be able to work something out.

    Co-Narrator position still open too.

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    This sounds like a great idea! I have an elf and a hobbit (both around level 20) either of which might be suitable for this (depending on what kind of story you're going for).

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    Glad to hear it Heri. Throw me a whisper (on Wulfeld) in game and we can talk more.

    Just a note to folks, we're progressing well and have 7-8 people in our company now.
    The majority is human with a couple of elves/hobbits too.

    We are in desperate need of DWARVES! Every adventure needs them so don't hesitate from getting in touch.

    On the point of races, as we have a good number of humans, we're not actively seeking more (though if all you have is a human just drop a whisper anyway) still space for a hobbit/elf or two and dwarves.

    Happy hunting!



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