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    Quote Originally Posted by BangoTwinkletoes View Post
    I post on the other site in question and to be fair to Turbine that's never caused any issues here. However, though this is Turbine's site and it's up to them what CoC they wish to enforce, banning the use of 3rd party sites could be the proverbial can of worms - for instance what about kin forums hosted on 3rd party sites such as enjin, guildlaunch etc not to mention reputable multi-game sites such as MMOChampion, ING etc. They would need to employ someone full time to monitor a huge number of sites to keep an eye on what people who post here were up to - which IMO would both be a distraction and a massive waste of energy and resources that would be better spent engaging with their customers and the community as a whole.
    And make everyone who has a kinship forum peeved.
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    Why this thread is being closed: Because it violates the Community Guidelines (as every post closed or deleted does in one way or another).

    Most often people choose to make statements they know are going to violate the guidelines, or open discussions they know are in violation (this one for example), and then claim censorship. This is obviously not the case and as is usually the case with threads of this nature others come in to chime in with false statements (which is a violation of the community guidelines - see where this is headed?). This is why these are not permitted.

    For example, no one has ever been banned here for posting anywhere else. It's a nice fiction, makes for a good story, but is pure fantasy. Most people actually are given so many chances to stop posting in in appropriate ways that they far, far, far, exceed the '10 infractions ' perm ban rule. There are a number currently posting that have infraction counts in the 30s in the hopes they'll eventually get it together.

    In fact it happens enough that a number of players (some quite well known) along with both the 2013 and 2014 players council have requested we tighten up and clarify the community guidelines (as we did in 2013 based on council feedback that changed significant portions of the wording), and tighten the enforcement and the removal of threads and posts that are inviolation to further reinforce that those behaviors are unacceptable. A pending suggestion is to reduce the number of allowable 'strikes' from 10. So it's clear to us that the desire of the larger community is for more and more consistent moderation of problematic posts and posters.

    The only exception here would be those sites we know who have proven to be a consistent supporter of those attempting to defraud customers or otherwise violate our TOS/COC/EULA at the expense of other players. Those, when Identified, do get a quick show of the door (in game and out). Which I think is more than understandable.

    I'll be blunt, if you wish to discuss LOTRO with the people making it and have an impact on the game, and you can do so in a polite and appropriate manner, you are highly unlikely to every have an issue. If, however, you wish to be rude, disrespectful, abusive, and inappropriate in your comments you probably won't be around very long. If you choose to post in that manner, other sites where that is tolerated are your best bet. Although, as we don't consider that kind of posting to be feedback of any useful kind, we don't make any efforts to seek it out or look at it.

    Basically, if you truly wish to have you comments seen by the team and make any kind of meaningful impact, this or the other official channels are the best place to do that. All that is asked is you follow very simple, basic courtesy and common sense rules as you see in the community guidelines. It's pretty simple.
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