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    Lore Master Store pets?

    Hi, just a quick question,
    I've looked and looked and looked and cannot find any mention of the LM store-only pets in the Store tab. I've recently gotten back into the game, and wanted to buy the Storm Raven for my LM, but cannot seem to find it. I've also looked in the forums for mention of if these pets were removed, but didn't get anything but stuff about cosmetic pets (we have all classes cosmetic pets now? whhaaaat??? cool!)
    Though i haven't looked too hard in the forums, I'm assuming by lack of results in the store, and no mention in the forums, that they have been removed. Could anyone confirm or deny this? If the LM store exclusive pets have been removed, is there a chance that they might come back for a limited time?

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    a) There's a big difference between the cosmetic skins for LM pets (and Captain Heralds), non-combat pets for LM and cosmetic pets.
    Everyone can get cosmetic pets, either through Entwood's Huron, Chickenball's Chickens, Spring Festival's Shrews, etc.

    b) I also tried searching the Store on my LM, and it seems that all the Talisman have been removed. I can't say when this was done, as I've never felt the need to buy them in the first place. I chose my favored cosmetic skins from among the player created Talisman, and had my Jeweller create them.

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    Talk to an LM class trainer and choose the "Barter Items" option in their menu. That will open a menu in which you can buy any LM pet, both combat and non-combat, for Mithril Coins (which in turn you can buy in the Store for TP). The Mithril Coin cost is roughly equivalent to the former TP cost or a bit less expensive if you buy your Mithril Coins in bulk. You'll receive a talisman item which will be auto-consumed if your character can learn the associated pet skill, so keep an eye on your chatbox for verification you got a new pet. If the pet is not added to your quickslots automatically, check your Skills tab to find it.

    As an aside to the OP: With Helm's Deep all classes received a massive revamp. As a result, LMs now have to be level 15 before they can learn any of the Raven skills, but they get the Bear at level 1 to make up for that. The minimum levels for some other pets have also been changed and the Eagle is only available if you invest into the blue trait-tree (Keeper of Animals). Another noticeable effect for low-level LMs is that the emergency heal "Wisdom of the Council" now becomes available at level 30 instead of level 20.
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