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    What is the purpose of the Bird in the moors?

    Is there a reason it is about?
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    For players to have fun with it
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    The PvMPers were frustrated with the lack of content and changes in the moors so they petitioned for a new tree to be added to the moors. What they got was a new tree and a bird. I'll leave the interpretation up to you. I certainly know what I feel it is.
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    flip the bird --- The act of extending the central digit of the hand with the intent to cause offense.

    We asked for a new pvp map, changes to pvp, balance in pvp, fixes, what we got was the bird. Reference above, for those who don't understand quite what I mean.

    I do however like killing the bird to notify creeps of my presence.

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    It's secretly a raid boss. There's a 1/999712047896198639123 chance that you will get legendary loot from it. So keep on slaying it.
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    What is the purpose of the Bird in the moors?

    There is a deed to kill the bird. There is a topic about this deed in the forums.
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    Just a way for the devs who thought themselves clever to let the PVP community know how disdainfully it was viewed by Turbine and the dev team.

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    He is Fernando.

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    I'd love to see it have 10000% reflect damage on it


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    there was a joke thread a few years ago (i think it was after the 2nd time they told us there was gonna be a new pvmp map and it didn't happen) where someone jokingly asked if we could at least get a new tree so pvmp people could have something new. it ended up with a lot of responses of people joking about it and became a community joke that eventually the devs must of found funny so the tree with the bird was added.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
    It's secretly a raid boss. There's a 1/999712047896198639123 chance that you will get legendary loot from it. So keep on slaying it.

    Likely you have to have the horseshoe equipped.... That or bird food

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    No, there is no purpose.

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    there is also a squirrel next to the bird, sleeping.

    my interpretation of the bird is as follows, he is the reincarnation god, or what some would call yahweh, alah, budda etc, he is here to die for your pvmp sins. he came about after several updates of godless ganking, op heal stacking, gv and grams camping, rank farming and many other blasphemous acts. many pvmper's were doomed to burn in digital hell... but then hope. a voice. a peep. a solemn bird with 1hp signifying the 1 hp we all have in our hearts, the 1 hp that is big yet small, soft yet heard, zergs yet lets solos go from time to time. that 1 hp we all have that keeps us alive and pvping our buts off. this bird will die to all attacks accepts those races whom revere him as the one true god to all others.

    fun fact: a cult on the small server called Arkenstone named The Immortals revered the bird as their god, and even named him Fernando. Warleader Omani became the keeper of Fernando food and lore, ever protecting his precious 1 hp with all forms of creep black speech and heal skills.
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    Bird is love. Bird is Life.

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    The answers about the requests for PVMP maps and updates are correct. Players requested over and over for changes and nothing happened (not much has changed since then either).

    The joke was "can't we even get a new tree?" so we got a new tree and they tossed in a bird just to show they "listened".

    My supposition was that there were Devs at the time who would have liked to do more, but PVMP (then) was done by one Dev on his own time, using his free weekends and not allowing his regular scheduled work to slip. He had to get others to assist with any changes and they too did the work as a "labor of love" (sapience's favorite saying meaning: without compensation). They did what they could when they could.

    afaik, this is still the model for the moors although there are more devs willing to do work (PC2013) for no compensation. It takes a long time when you constantly have to give up your personal time to make things for others. It gets old fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ulza View Post
    There is a deed to kill the bird. There is a topic about this deed in the forums.
    Yup all the background story here is correct but this is what the bird is really there for. It's a hidden deed, completed by very few.
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