The following release notes are for the Bullroarer public test server only and may not reflect the final list of changes or updates included at release.
These notes are not final and should be viewed as a work in progress and subject to change.

Of Special Note

  • The West Gondor Quest Pack has been made available to the LOTRO Store. Premium and Free to Play subscriptions will need to purchase this quest pack to gain access to the new content (unlike Beta 1 when we had unlocked the region for you). Epic Book Volume 4 is open to all characters regardless of subscription status.
  • The End-game regions of Emyn Ernil and Paths of the Dead have had their events artificially accelerated so these regions will also be open to all VIP and West Gondor quest pack owners.


  • The Welcome Back Weekend effects have been updated to now grant a % bonus to Experience Gain on Monster Kills, Crafting, Quest Completions, Legendary Item and Mounted Combat XP. Updated the effect description.


All Classes

  • Traits that granted primary stats have been increased to be more competitive.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Rallying Cry to not stack properly with other captains and in some cases have a weaker version override a stronger version.

  • Traits - New Trait - Offer No Tells (Gambler) - Burglar's gain a 5% Mitigation boost that is suppressed when your crit chain is active.
  • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Roll the Dice - New rank adds +5% Tactical Damage
  • Traits - New Trait - Sneak Attack (The Quiet Knife) - Increase Damage from Stealth by 100%
  • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Strike from Shadows - Potency increased from 5% Crit Chance from Stealth to 10% from Stealth. New rank adds +20% Critical Damage from Stealth.
  • Traits - New Trait - Cover Your Tracks (Mischief-maker) - Gain 5% Max Morale, +2.5% Physical Mitigation and +2.5% Tactical Mitigation
  • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Comedic Timing - Resistance Penetration increased from 2%-->5% per rank. New rank increases the bonus by a further 15% Resistance Penetration.
  • A Small Snag, Quite a Snag, Exposed Throat, and Blind bet should now increment "finish What You Have Started" deed in addition to Flashing Blades.
  • Fixed bug that was causing Coup De Grâce to not properly consuming Aim buff.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing Rallying Cry to not stack properly with other captains and in some cases have a weaker version override a stronger version.
  • Fixed a bug with Exemplar not properly proccing its heal when a shield brother was hit.
  • Exemplars heal skill proc now has an internal cooldown of 8 seconds. This cooldown applies to the Captain’s proc and the Shield Brothers proc separately.

  • True Heroics – Lowered cooldown to 2 minutes (Lowered legacy to be 60 seconds maxed out to compensate for this change).
  • The Deed Heroic Resolve now only requires 50 uses of True Heroics, down from 750.
  • The Martial Champion
    • Riposte damage increase trait has been raised from 15% to 20% per rank. New rank on trait that grants: Sweeping Riposte – 20% Chance to unlock sweeping riposte instead of riposte. Deals damage up to 3 targets.
    • Critical Defence trait has been converted to a percentage based trait.
    • Aggressive Exchange trait has been moved to Tier 1 of the Martial Champion tree.
    • New Trait – “Quick with a Blade” Merciful Strike has no health threshold requirement.
    • Horn of Champions – Increased debuff duration to 10 seconds.

  • The Berserker
    • Hamstrung should now properly display the effect it gives Hamstring.
    • Set Bonus Renewing Strikes – Reduce chance to 15% and heal to 3% of max health, but can now trigger on every attack hook
    • Set Bonus – Precise Strikes – Bonuses from trait apply every attack hook.
    • New Trait – Weapons Master – Dual wielding weapons gives you +10% damage and +3% Parry Chance. Wielding a single weapon gives you 5% Attack Duration +10% Critical Damage
    • Enhanced Trait – Merciful Minded –Max Rank: Merciful Strike is now guaranteed to crit.

  • The Deadly Storm
    • Passive – Flurry – Increase proc chance to 30%, up from 20%.
    • Exchange of Blows no longer reflects damage over time effects.
    • Bladestorm critical hits now proc Flurry.
    • Champion’s Advantage – Increase duration of buff to 12 seconds, up from 8 seconds.
    • New Trait – The More the Merrier Blade Skills have a 15% chance to generate 1 fervour for every target hit
    • New Rank of Ardent Rage. This rank reduces the cooldown of Battle frenzy by 30 seconds and changes the fervour regeneration effect to be 1 fervour every second for 10 seconds.

  • Bash Legacy should now properly increase the damage of bash.
  • Traits - Disorientation application chance balanced down from 20%-->5% / rank
  • Traits - New Trait - Break Ranks (Defender of the Free) - Shield-swipe will cash out max fortification stacks for a 20% damage buff for 15s. You will not be able to start rebuilding Fortification until 5s after this buff ends.
  • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Stoic - Stoic has a new rank which will cause your bubble to heal you for 10% of your Morale when it expires.
  • Traits - Enhanced Trait - To the Rescue - New rank causes your next skill play to be a guaranteed Crit
  • Traits - New Trait - Honourable Combat (The Keen Blade) - Gain a skill which removes all bleeds from a foe and heal yourself for 2% max Morale for each tier of bleed removed.
  • Traits - New Trait - Singular Focus (The Fighter of Shadow) - Parry response skills have a chance to break enemy armour, reducing its effectiveness for 30s. This debuff cannot be refreshed by other traits.
  • Traits - Enhanced Trait - Strong Bursts - New rank increases AoE damage by a further 10%


  • Exsanguinate now has no Focus Cost.
  • New Trait – Moving Target – The Hunter gains +5% Evade chance whilst moving. This bonus disappears after standing still for a second, but will resume thereafter.
  • Enhanced Trait – Strong Draw – New rank that gives the hunter a +15% chance for focus consumers to consume 1 less Focus


  • New Trait – Plant Feet - The Hunter gains +5% Evade Chance after standing still for 1.5s. This bonus breaks upon movement.
  • Enhanced Trait – Draw Weight – Increased bonus from 2% to 3% per rank
  • New Max rank grants +15% Critical Damage for Induction Skills
  • Set Bonus – Archer’s Mark – Crit Defence debuff has been increased for all ranks.

Trapper of Foes

  • Enhanced Trait – Trait - Survival Gear – New max rank that increases Max Bonus to 8% Mitigation
  • Elusive – Change bonus to give Evade Chance instead of Partial Evade Bonus
  • New Trait – Emergency Preparations – Evading allows you to instantly place a trap within 10m of yourself. This trap is the equivalent of a Set Trap and can only appear once every 8 seconds.
  • Trait – Endurance – Ratings have been buffed to be more competitive.

  • Skills - Ring of Fire fx should now more accurately reflect the radius of the attack.
  • Traits - New Trait - Feral - Gain a passive buff based on which pet you have active. Does not apply to pets summoned by Sic’ em. Bear - +5% Max Morale, +5% Each Mitigation, Raven and Eagle – +50% Gust of Wind damage, +5% Crit Chance, Cats - -10% Induction Duration, +15% DoT Damage, Spirit - +15% Incoming Healing, +15% Outgoing Healing, Bog-guardian - +10% Tactical Damage and +2s Stun Duration

  • Traits - Inspiring Cries and Calls – Proccooldown reduced from 25s-->15s

  • Volcanic Runestone should now be properly affected by the Fire Damage weapon legacy.
  • Steady Hands useable while moving
  • Scribe a New ending – Skill is useable even when disarmed.
  • Do Not Fall This Day – Reduce cooldown to 5 minutes. Can be casted on a target out of combat.

Benediction of Peace

  • Our Fate’s Entwined – Runestone can’t die for duration of runestone.
  • Master of Allusion – Also reduces the induction time of Frost skills.
  • Bombastic Inspiration – Increase duration to 12s.
  • Prophetic Word – lower to 3 ranks, from 5.
    • Each rank now Increases Mending Verse healing by 10% per rank.

  • New Trait– Prolonged Verse – 3 ranks
    • Increases the pulse of Mending Verse by 1 per rank.
    • Max rank: Lowers the induction of Mending verse by 1 second.

  • New Legendary Trait – Overture of Hope
    • Words of Exaltation and Essay of Exaltation now grant +10% inc. healing and -10% incoming damage reduction.
    • In addition, Words of Exaltation applied on a target will trigger the expiration heal of Bombastic Inspiration if present on a target.

Cleansing Flame

  • Trait – Conflagration of Runes – Increased bonus from 2% to 3% / rank
  • Scathing Retort – No longer grants a tactical mastery buff, instead Smouldering Wrath is immune to interruption.
  • Seething Truth – Lowered Smouldering Wrath damage increase to 30%.
  • Guile and Subtlety – Removed Trait. Replace with 2 new traits
    • New Trait – Thick Skinned – 3 ranks
      • Increases Physical Mitigation by 2/5/7%.

    • New Trait (Includes Enhanced Trait) Hastened Determination- 3 ranks
      • Reduces the cooldown of Self Motivation by 5 seconds per rank.
      • Max rank: Removes the induction of Self Motivation and can be used on the move.

  • New Trait – Branded Marks – +2 pulses to all Fire DoTs

Solitary Thunder
  • Set Bonus – Master of Tragedy – Add internal cooldown of 10 seconds.
  • Trait – Critical Defence - Increase Max bonus from 5% to 7%
  • Enhanced Trait – Perfect Imagery
    • New rank – Reduces the cooldown of Vivid Imagery by 30 seconds.

  • New Trait – Flashing images – After using Steady Hands, if you use a cashout skill within 6 seconds, you will be returned to your previous attunement level before Steady Hands.

  • Fixed the tool-tip for the Agility stat as it did not include the fact that Agility also increases Tactical Mastery.


  • Level 100 pvmp armour, weapons, and jewelry can now be purchased in Glan-vraig.

Epic Battles, Skirmishes, Instances & Raids

  • Vanguard skill Incite Foe will now be automatically added to the auto skill bar when acquired.

Helm’s Dike

  • Guarding the Watchtower: placed clubs & torches in the hands of the attackers
  • Fixed “Enemy Archer” zones that were missing or badly placed
  • Powder at the Gate: attempted fix for issue where last wave of sappers would just stand still
  • Stone Obstruction: archers fire longer each time you tell them to shoot

Glittering Caves

  • Spider boss Scrimgrit hits a little harder than before; we gave her some extra skills
  • Bombs & Bats: fixed but where killing multiple sappers at once could prevent quest from completion
  • Touched up appearance and placement of several “Enemy Archer” zones

The Hornburg

  • Ladders: fewer trolls and they only show up later, reduced HP of hooks by roughly 20%, slowed spawn rate of sappers coming up the ladders

User Interface

  • There's now a search box on the reputation panel


  • Pre-order - The Token of the Hornburg pre-order item now works through level 99
  • Lootboxes now contain a "Pick a Mount" box which allows you to select one of over 25 different mounts, including the Lootbox exclusive Red Painted Skeletal Steed.

Cosmetic Pets

  • Names for Huorns have been changed to be more lore appropriate.

Quests (Bullroarer Only)

  • Assorted fixes for the IV.1.12 instance: group version should now be completeable.
  • Typos and text in Volume IV Book 1 fixed. Icons plugged in for Volume IV Book 1 items
  • Volume IV Book 1, Chapter 9 should now be completeable with Lothiriel in the Great Hall in Dol Amroth.
  • More polish for Volume IV, Book 1: The Road to Gondor
  • Quest Guide fixes for the Epic Prologue in Bree-land.
  • Some polish for 'Interlude: Those Who Are Dead'
  • Swan-knights involved with Epic Volume IV Book 1 now have their appearances.
  • Fixed the missing walls and gate during III.4.18, 'The Captive'
  • Fixing the aggro of the birds at Erech.
  • The Restless Orcs of the Crack's Edge - Orders no longer go into pending loot.