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    what is the most efficient way to farm meds?

    As above.
    I ran Sammy for an hour and gained approx 350-400 or so. Not too bad, but im sure there will be something out there that is more efficient. not too worried about marks as they come easily

    how do you guys farm your meds?

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    I feel like the fornost side quests seem to give out a lot of medallions. As well as when you do all of them the first time, you get a bonus 40 or so.

    Go around and finish up all your instance deeds, especially fornost, and mirkwood/ITA/isengard as well. That gets you a ton early on. Afterwoods I'd say fornost earth is pretty efficient at farming, make sure to do the seige weapon side quest.
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    Heh! I thought the title meant you were trying to farm medicines - ie, potions! I was like: wow - this is news to me!

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    Get a yellow cappy and some champs and run fornost shadow doing sidequests, it gives a ton of medallions



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