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Thread: No QQ

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    No QQ

    Most epic tribe in existence. We are a small elite Tribe with only the best in it. Will mainly be a War Leader/Reaver Tribe but if you are not one of those two and are leet exceptions will be made.

    Looking for a couple pro az people to recruit. Requirements are as follows:

    1. Must be pro.
    2. Must be at least decently ranked.
    3. Must have most maps (at the least all three for TA and TR).
    4. Must not qq about OPness, state of moors, dying, spam cc, Welth's dps, etc.
    5. Must be willing to fight larger numbers and not run like a fail after being hit once.
    6. Must be willing to take very harsh verbal abuse as well as maybe some physical.
    7. Must be willing to listen and not run around fisting yourself while we engage the freeps.
    8. Must carry with them ELITE status and be able to back it up.
    9. Must be willing to be meat shields for me so I can live and you can die.
    10. Must be willing to gank 1v1's when they are in the wide open.
    11. Must have at least a good knowledge of most classes in game.
    12. Must be active.
    13. Must know when and how best to use your cooldowns/skills.

    If interested hit me up, Coldfellz or Puberty in game. If you are not fail we will take a look at you.
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    Oh KK

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Black_Swordsman View Post
    5. Must be willing to fight larger numbers and not run like a fail after being hit once.
    That's me out, then...
    Dwarrowdelf-Gothash-R9 Reaver
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    I like the idea of a warleader + reaver only tribe.

    - Great damage output
    - Would make great charges into overwhelming odds. (Forlorn hope!)
    - Fits with the warleaders Aura of Command Tool-tip

    thats it. nothing but pros

    GL I wish you the bestest of luck
    Shapcidrat SoM-RoR

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    Shap. When are you coming back ??
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    I love being a pocket healer for Puberty, and running with Snaggle is always a blast. Like the vibe you guys pose on the war field. Don't mind my sig, I don't know why the thing don't update....

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