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    why the price increase on unidentified legendary items?????

    I really do not like this price increase on unidentified legendary item troves from the store. I've been buying them for both this toon and my champ, for 195 TP's, and now I finally get Frishia to 86 ready to go buy 3 more and the price has gone up to 495? really? I could spit nails right now to be honest I'm so ticked off at this. DPS on my champ weapons went up 50 pts or I'd not worry about it, but thats a lot of DPS to be running around trying to get hunter weapons to drop off mobs. The relic master only goes up to lvl 85 weapons so that isn't an option. Even if the skirmish vendors have them at lvl 86 which I doubt, I dont have a lot of marks to buy anything but soldier upgrades.

    I'm afraid to go see what other prices went up. I spend way too much rl money in that store as it is, but I wont spend 495 tps on a disposable weapon. and thats what they are. disposable. every stinking level.

    Please reconsider this price increase and put it back to what it was, which was already high for yes, a disposable weapon.

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. that just ruined my night.

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    auction house?
    mob drops?
    exchange shards for them?

    why would you spend TP on something as mundane as 3rd age LIs????

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoAndSo View Post
    auction house?
    mob drops?
    exchange shards for them?

    why would you spend TP on something as mundane as 3rd age LIs????
    lets see, auction house....I do watch for them there, and when they are reasonable priced, and I need one, i'll buy it. I will even buy ahead of what I need, champ has a few waiting on her in her bank.

    friends, most havent logged in for eons, i do ask in chat when i need stuff i cant find.

    mob drops, soon as i find a mob willing to drop a lvl 86 hunter weapon i'll stop whining. by then Im guessing i'll be 90 or so.

    shards, sorry, if you mean relic shards, those go up to lvl 85. i have 85's. The dps on my champ weapon went up 50 pts at 86. the fury contribution on the bridle more than doubles. my boyfriends bow went up 50 points. just last night i got them for 195 for the champ. all this month i've been buying them for 195 when i couldnt find anything anywhere else.

    as for why i'd spend tp's on something so mundane as 3rd age LI's, ... the short answer is its my money, i can buy what i want with it. some people buy horses, cosmetics, furniture, i buy LI's and related items among other things. I won't at this price. turbine knows how much I spend on tp's in the store. I doubt i'm the biggest spender, but I'm sure not the smallest. I can sure fix that however.

    after looking thru the store a little closer, i see they raised the prices on quite a few things, rally horns being another. 76 up to 95. wont be buying any more of them either.



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