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    Maybe Turbine could weigh in? Warsteed cosmetics: a short rant (with solutions!)

    I *love* warsteeds and mounted combat. The whole thing was just perfectly apt lore-wise and save some implementation issues I'm not a big fan of, it's great.
    However.. the huge potential of the cosmetic and personalization side of the warsteeds is criminally underdeveloped. Let me count the reasons and propose solutions.

    1. Reputation vendors sell you regular horses but never warsteed appearances.
    After a certain level (71-72 for me) I barely if ever use any other steed than my warsteed. It's like having a fast travel path at your command and it looks great, isn't it natural to want to use the warsteed rather than the regular mounts? Sadly, no reputation vendor will sell you warsteed appearances, not even in ROHAN, land of the horse-lords. I was super excited when I discovered the Eorlingas and the Helmingas, I figured there had to be warsteed cosmetics you could get from them being *two* factions which are deep into Rohan. No such luck. They offer regular mounts which look very nice but have no matching warsteed appearance (they also don't offer any kind of Rohan player cosmetics, but don't start me on that). I use my regular mounts occasionally on cities which are a bit windy (as in with many curves) but anywhere else I want to thunder with my warsteed. It's only common sense that if a Rohan faction is asking for a reputation grind that the items it offers will be Rohan-inspired and fit for Rohirrim warsteeds.
    PROPOSAL: Give reputation vendors warsteed appearances or make them come along with the regular steeds they offer. Given the fantastic job Turbine has done with existing warsteed cosmetics, I doubt they will disappoint.

    2. A striking absence of horse pelts, accessories and warband cosmetic drops
    Other than changing the color of the warsteed through buying color swatches from the store (more on that later), there's very little you can do with how the horse itself looks. You can get an ultra rare warband drop that allows you to make your warsteed spotted (Appaloosa) but that is it. I've been running warbands for years now (ever since they came out) and I've never gotten it. I don't see how making it super rare benefits anybody other than the person who, not through skill but a pure computer dice roll against ridiculous odds, ends up with it. The different "orc heads on a pike" are cool too and seem to have a better chance of dropping, but why make them character-bound? Again, this is a pure dice roll, it has nothing to do with skill (other than beating the warband allows you to pull the slot machine lever). I've gotten more than one of these heads on a pike, why can't I give one of them to one of my other characters? The issues with forced rarity and being character bound apply to the West Rohan set as well, which might as well have the rarity of the Yeti. I've never seen anyone with a full set other than in the occasional forum screenshot.
    PROPOSAL: Give us more warsteed pelts to make our horses more distinct and tailored to our character personalities as well as more mount accessories. Make warsteed cosmetics less rare and grindy and also account bound rather than character bound.

    3. Warsteed cosmetics at the Store.
    I love the warsteed looks Turbine has put in the Store, but did they have to be put behind outrageous (forced-packaging, high-price, character-bound) paywalls? If I want to change my horse's skin color I have to buy an expensive four-color swatch of usually quite similar colors (which shoots getting more than one look); if I could choose the four colors it would be reasonably priced, if the color packs were account bound I would get them all. As it is, it feels like getting gouged just to get one color you want.
    As for bundled steed appearances, the ones you can buy at the store are great, but do they have to cost $20? Specially when these are character-bound and I cannot buy them piecemeal. It seems a little excessive, even more when unlike other things in the LOTRO Store, warsteed cosmetics rarely if ever go on sale.
    PROPOSAL: A choose-your-own-four-pack would be hard to implement, so break the four-color swatches and make it so that one can buy separate colors at a reasonable price. Also please unbundle the existing steed appearances into parts that one could buy or reduce the price of the bundles. Regular sales of warsteed cosmetics would also be great.
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