So the next event of ushering Sapience across Eriador from Bree all the way to Isengard is now a Dwarf thing where you take the Dorf to Caras Galadhon. I really want to get this going since I want to bring honor to the little server the strange inhabitants call Crick. Our date is September 18th and is the Eastern time zone in the U.S. (Think Boston, New York, D.C.) I know the Moria map back and forth, so I'd like to put forth that I get to usher the silly Dorf through Moria.

Oh! There's a twist. We have to complete the Steps of the Fellowship deed! We have to discover all the major places the Fellowship went through on their journey through Moria! After I hit r12 on my Warden, I'll be finding out the fastest routes to get through Moria and discover the places for the Steps of the Fellowship deed. If anyone wants to come with, feel free to send Janduin a message or a /tell.