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    Question Wondering what RP server play is like...?

    Other than the guidelines on various technical details (like picking Microsoft as a character name)... I don't have a sense of how play is expected on the server. Do people ignore quests and leveling and just kind of live a renfaire online life? Are people engaging in nothing but constant emotes?

    Or is it pretty much like playing on the other servers... just without anachronistic/non-Tolkienesque dialog?

    Can someone qualitatively describe what kind of play is encouraged on an RP server?

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    On RP labeled servers, the only requirement is that you have a lore appropriate name. That does not mean it has to be exact Sindarin or exact Anglo-Saxon, but you cannot call yourself 'cookiesforsale' or 'prettypinkprincess'. But of course you know this

    That, and you'll occasionally see people using the emote and say channel to act out their characters. You'll also see this on Landroval the RP encouraged server, but there's no name enforcement there.

    That is literally it. And on all of those servers glff, ooc, advice, and *most* of the posts in regional and trade are completely OOC and just like any other server.

    The majority of people who RP also level. Whether they level out of character or in character is up to them. Even if they are leveling in character, the majority of them in my experience don't walk from place to place and do not emote about it. It's just their own personal background. I tend to prefer not leveling in character since there's just way too much blood spilt for anyone but a warrior character background. :P Some people will do some quests as part of their IC story, and will ignore others completely as their story because it does not fit their character personality.

    The biggest impact on game play is that you'll see a lot of chatter in /e and /say in Bree-land, and then occasionally you'll bump into it in other places if you're in the right place at the right time.

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