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    Quote Originally Posted by harman097 View Post
    Mirkwood - particularly early mirkwood when forsaken was still around and balance was a bit better, but the Arrival-of-UaO-Egos-Period made things a lot of fun as well. Nothing makes for a good villain like a big old ego.

    Old UaO v Meneldor chat log for kicks

    (Josiewales = Fluff, Khatzrig = Mudpiez, Willis = Sunny, Murtanion = Hurth)

    ### Chat Capture: General 01/30 10:16 PM ###

    [glff] Flyso: 'roll backs suck'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'i never asked for them before i showed up'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'if you did you would understand a burg can lose'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'and yet you just bragged'
    [glff] Edhellen: 'lol ok so beatle is no good huh?'
    [glff] Josiewales: '[glff] Tehpwnerer: 'tooo easy vulgr says''
    [glff] Vulgr: 'bob'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'hi'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'tell him to wait the 4 minutes'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'he didnt say that I did'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'aye'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'for my buffs to drop'
    [glff] Josiewales: '[glff] Tehpwnerer: 'tooo easy vulgr says''
    [glff] Vulgr: 'then we will go again'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'That's the whole thing teh, cause almost all creeps here dont have skill, they're just 'good' cause turbine made them EZ mode'
    [glff] Williss: 'Seriously, the day that I call myself the best in the game is the day I delete my account and slam my junk in a desk drawer'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'read again tehreaderer'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'did you hear him say that?'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'lol'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'so now it is tehliarer?'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'i own you in glff as bad as any of the creeps'
    [glff] Murtanion: 'Rofl sunny'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'tooeasy'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'tehpwnerer, are u like 12?'
    [glff] Halarandir: 'look like we have a other big mouth'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'you sure? pretty sure i just ##### you with logic'
    [glff] Murtanion: 'Too easy = 4x morale pots and kiting 1000 miles....'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'sunny the freep that cries in ooc and always feeds the creeps'
    [glff] Williss: 'You should compare paychecks with Zod and see who wins'
    [glff] Adolt: 'inst this channel for globaal looking for group?'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'ask ukrush what happend after'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: '-> sunny ftw'
    [glff] Williss: 'I feed creeps? NEVER'
    [glff] Dvinelightning: 'sunny rarely dies'
    [glff] Williss: '<3'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'LOL'
    [glff] Edhellen: 'it is, but we seem to have transfer TVt.s from BW coming to this server,, i say take ya sorry #### back'
    [glff] Bellabear: 'so wait.. if they talk in glff its having a big ego and having a big mouth, but when you guys talk its nothing of the sort? double standards much?'
    [glff] Williss: 'It doesnt really matter'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'bella-[glff] Tehpwnerer: 'tooo easy vulgr says''
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'im surprised a gm hasnt changed his name to freepinfamymachine'
    [glff] Halarandir: 'bragging and talking in glff is two different thing'
    [glff] Bellabear: 'ive seen some others brag but they arent giving such treatment'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'tell zod buying buffs isnt gonna make a difference'
    [glff] Williss: 'Whoa, when have I said anything negative to Teh, all ive said is, who really cares'
    [glff] Halarandir: 'you guys are rather new to the server'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'im new'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'why dont u guys take your kin back to where ever u came from. u dont come to a new server and run your mouths like your the best thing since cheese whip'
    [glff] Adolt: 'well the woofing is a lot different then I have seen for awhile'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'your skill level is new halrandir'
    [glff] Williss: 'Chese whip is OP'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'you're *'
    [glff] Blouses: 'unless it's true!'
    [glff] Aethnin: 'whoa whoa whoooa nothing is better than cheese whip!'
    [glff] Underpants: 'watchu talkin bout williss'
    [glff] Dvinelightning: 'lbob cheese whip really?'
    [glff] Murtanion: 'Spelling is OP'
    [glff] Halarandir: 'my skill lvl has nothing to do in this'
    [glff] Ocalo: 'i dip my balls in cheese whip'
    [glff] Bellabear: 'funny coming from you bob.. a real class act'
    [glff] Edhellen: 'oh yes,, me yep im new ,, i just got here yesterday,, hey just due to the fact we dont talk in GLFF every 5 minutes dont mean jack'
    [glff] Loath: 'go get'em Lep'
    [glff] Williss: 'Epeenery is a broken game is OP'
    [glff] Williss: '*in'
    [glff] Bregolien: 'everyone is just a little heated cuz the servers have been down all day '
    [glff] Deximus: 'leave hal alone, he's my running away from a fright buddy'
    [glff] Helios-1: 'so Bob, these guys are free to talk trash yet we can not defend ourselves, and we are the problem?'
    [glff] Deximus: 'fight*'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'its easy to have an epeen when you always win'
    [glff] Halarandir: 'lol'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'helios- [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'tooo easy vulgr says''
    [glff] Partyboy: 'Server's been down? I've been playing all day'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'we out smart everyone we play'
    [glff] Edhellen: 'no i just got heated when some sorry #### TVt is in our glff'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'stopplaying the victim'
    [glff] Vulgr: '45 seconds capt buff'
    [glff] Eladwen: 'i am the only guys here that dies a lot in the moors, kill some creeps and still happy?'
    [glff] Williss: 'Defend themselves, I said nothing to Teh and he defends himself by saying i feed creeps'
    [glff] Thieving: 'SHUT'
    [glff] Williss: 'Cool'
    [glff] Thieving: 'UP'
    [glff] Dvinelightning: 'i die alot'
    [glff] Thieving: 'ITS'
    [glff] Thieving: 'A'
    [glff] Thieving: 'GAME'
    [glff] Deximus: 'no eladwen, im the same way'
    [glff] Williss: 'FAHAD FTW'
    [glff] Megamanx: 'Sounds like someone is a tad butthurt'
    [glff] Megamanx: 'þou mad?'
    [glff] Flyso: 'Bloodlust Leech threatens to attack!'
    [glff] Flyso: 'better whact out'
    [glff] Helios-1: 'TvT trash talk on Meneldor..lol did we chase you off a server?'
    [glff] Thieving: 'Im not getting into this, but guys its punks through the internet in a freaking game, just leave it'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'Keyboard warriors'
    [glff] Eladwen: 'cmon..if u play a game which no one can beat u as advertised by some, where is the challange and fun? enough with this drama..'
    [glff] Edhellen: 'nope but you can go back to where ya came from'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'oi wots wrong with keyboard warriors'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'hunter you old goat g'day'
    [glff] Citrial: 'Where would this game be without glff....'
    [glff] Helios-1: 'you pay my sub and I'll submit to your demands, until then keep failing.'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'it would be very boring thats for sure'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'very peaceful citrial'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'good one helios, never heard that one before'
    [glff] Citrial: '[glff] Helios-1: 'you pay my sub and I'll submit to your demands, until then keep failing.' Bets thing ive heard in while.'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'very creative'
    [glff] Edhellen: 'hey and you can tell the failest of all time he is the worst warg on any server'
    [glff] Citrial: 'Best*'
    [glff] Eril: 'but hey, some peeps just need that huge epeen'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'conquered'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'too easy'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'when he gets me below 3k tell him to complain more'
    [glff] Williss: '.sit'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'dude chill, your not that great. burg is ezmode in 1v1s'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'wtb windfola reavers'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'what we fighting about so I can get into the spirit of all good things glff ???'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'oh now it changes from capt buffs to ezmode'
    [glff] Deximus: 'where are these spars happening?'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'keep talking'
    [glff] Helios-1: 'Eriador: Hithlad: 19.1S, 22.1W'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'Vulgr you causing trouble again ?'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'If your gonna 1v1, put your money where your mouth is'
    [glff] Helios-1: 'he demanded the 1v1'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'well cappy buffs where just icing on the ezmode cake'
    [glff] Ingwesen: 'it seems to be mostly pvp chat, so its kind of like arguing on the internet'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'coorak....this should be right up ur alley man, someone says they are the best and you are silent? Dude, man up...Swingin diznick contest and ur MIA, that isnt like you bro\'
    [glff] Helios-1: 'he failed 2x'
    [glff] Williss: 'We are fighting about people who want to be called the best on a computer screen.'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'its frapsed he has no buffs'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'noob'
    [glff] Bliant: 'need 1 more for GB Thardur'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'too easy'
    [glff] Williss: 'Hey Vulg, you should compare pay checks with Zod, now thats some good PvP'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'Rank 7 with 4 dps buffs and stil cant get me below 3.5k'
    [glff] Thieving: 'Thats what this is about'
    [glff] Murtanion: 'Everytime I kill a creep Im gonna say too easy'
    [glff] Helios-1: 'nerds calling others nerds, it's like the special olympics, does anyone really win?'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'im not a noob burg who uses knives out'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'err Rank 8 sorry'
    [glff] Thieving: 'Problem solved, Ellusive is the best, Go fight/spar him, lose 10 times each and call it a night you whiny little e-babies'
    [glff] Eladwen: 'lol'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'agreed'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'E BABIES'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'elusive>vulgr'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'ellusive is good'
    [glff] Corviphor: 'lf tank carn dum lvl 50'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'but ive beat him before'
    [glff] Eladwen: '*grabs popcorn and offers to people around*'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'ohhhh now that woke corrakkas'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'hey vulgr'
    [glff] Citrial: '[glff] Vulgr: 'but ive beat him before''
    [glff] Stworin: 'burgling>all?'
    [glff] Ellusive: 'please don't drag me into this '
    [glff] Drunkard: 'corrakkas go get im'
    [glff] Flyso: 'Kotbso is the best just saying'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'ellusive>drunk vulgr'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'exactly'
    [glff] Citrial: 'Must not have been wearing gear'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'i heard my name'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'what was the creep watching the fight doing to you?'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'and had to wake'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'did he scare you?'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'ellusive owned me when i was drunk last night'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'to enjoy this exciting drama in glff'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'i cant miss drama'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'lol'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'it feeds my soul'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'coorak....this should be right up ur alley man, someone says they are the best and you are silent? Dude, man up...Swingin diznick contest and ur MIA, that isnt like you bro\'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'lol'
    [glff] Ghanksta: 'He killed my dark tide scrapper friend'
    [glff] Williss: 'Hey Vulg, you should compare pay checks with Zod, now thats some good PvP'
    [glff] Williss: 'Hey Vulg, you should compare pay checks with Zod, now thats some good PvP'
    [glff] Corviphor: 'aint that obvious..'
    [glff] Jibbitsjr: '< tips hat to cor in passing'
    [glff] Williss: 'Hey Vulg, you should compare pay checks with Zod, now thats some good PvP'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'vulgr is the best'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'nothing i can do about it'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'well i dunno what zod makes willis'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'prob more then me'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'i make only 40k a year'
    [glff] Flyso: 'nah rayvn was the best ;/'
    [glff] Professor: 'evening folks'
    [glff] Lestomir: 'lewl, fo sho'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'Very true'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'Vulgr shame on you my mother in law makes more standing on a street corner'
    [To Raid] man, glff is ENTERTAINING tonight
    [glff] Ghanksta: 'Too bad money can't buy talent :/ He can make all he wants'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'lol'
    [glff] Williss: 'talent? In a video game??? LOLOLOLOL'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'Sure it can, just look at modern entertainment'
    [glff] Williss: 'Wow someone needs to get their priorities in line'
    [glff] Williss: 'idiots'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'i have talent'
    [Raid] Burgling: every glff war for the last few months has involved them
    [glff] Thieving: 'I heard Sunnydski is the worst PvP captain on server, he just leeches'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'lololololol who cares about money, i have talent in an mmo'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'i can make spiced apple pie'
    [glff] Williss: 'I heard that too'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'rofl'
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'agree thieving'
    [Raid] Flyso: yup
    [glff] Tehpwnerer: 'hes a feeder'
    [glff] Adolt: 'is this the global looking for group channel?'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'tehpwnerer he was being sarcastic. good one though'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'NOooooooooooooooooo'
    [glff] Williss: 'hey, put down on your resume that you are the best burg on Meneldor'
    [glff] Eladwen: '*By reading too much GLFF Drama you earned a new trait : Patience * =p'
    [glff] Williss: 'and say that in an interview'
    [glff] Williss: 'hahahaha'
    [glff] Arianel: '53 LM lFF for CD'
    [glff] Ghanksta: 'I play to adventure in middle earth, exploire and chat with my friends cause I don't have any IRL LOL'
    [glff] Williss: 'I bet that would impress a potential employer'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'ITS LINK YOUR RANDOM ITEM TIME!!!!!!!!'
    [glff] Corrakkas: '[51 Springfest Brew Mugs]'
    [glff] Dexteron: 'i get chicks in RL all the time when talking about my burg'
    [glff] Williss: '[Mushy Green Peas]'
    [glff] Corrakkas: '[100 Fine Iron Throwing Axes]'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'or woman'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: '[Shoulders of the Silver Voice]'
    [glff] Throndothir: '[Polished Sapphire]'
    [glff] Findriel: '[5 Pints of Bullroarer's Brew]'
    [glff] Eladwen: '[First Fragment of Suppression]]'
    [glff] Dirkabald: '[Undamaged Sabre-tooth Corpse]'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: '[Erebrandir's Horseshoe] FTW'
    [glff] Sehrick: '[5 Pork Sausages]'
    [glff] Williss: '[2 Tomes of Greater Deed Acceleration]'
    [glff] Josiewales: '[Phial of Pure Water]'
    [glff] Orladen: '[38 Superior Mushy Green Peas]'
    [glff] Karils: 'I dont normally brag about things, but when I do I brag about my computer skillz.'
    [glff] Corrakkas: '[Lainedhal's Insignia of the Third Marshal]'
    [glff] Dvinelightning: '[Woad Plant]'
    [glff] Ravenspear: '[Ornate Copper Sphere]'
    [glff] Eladwen: '[4 Dark Bronze Hilts]'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: '[Cleansing Draught]'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'careful corr, cant use that in the moors without permission'
    [glff] Essal: '[5 Farmer Maggot's Mushrooms]'
    [glff] Amberjak: '[Dusty Pages]'
    [glff] Williss: 'Last time I went to a bar and said to this chick, Hey my Captain just hit rank 9 in LOTRO, she dropped her pants immediately'
    [glff] Sehrick: '[52 Planks of Treated Lebethron]'
    [glff] Corrakkas: '[Fine Boar-droppings]'
    [glff] Dexteron: 'I feel like rolling a ranger, are there any creeps on?'
    [glff] Ellusive: 'what does ...e Rings Online\Plugins\JackdawPlugins\ Bevy2\Main.lua:5: Unable to resolve package "Deusdictum.UI.Dragbar".'
    [glff] Ellusive: 'mean?'
    [glff] Eladwen: 'u had a bag nasty bug'
    [glff] Eladwen: 'almost a gredybog on ur computer'
    [Raid] Burgling: I want to stop logging glff, but every time I do, they start up again
    [Raid] Burgling: :S
    [glff] Dexteron: 'I scored when i hit R9 too sunny '
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: '[Lump of Rich Coal]'
    [glff] Corrakkas: '[3 Pints of Bullroarer's Brew]'
    [glff] Williss: 'Yeah, chicks dig the rank 9 horse'
    [glff] Sehrick: '[3 Gilded Sword Sheaths]'
    [glff] Williss: 'OMG YOU HAVE THE r9 HORSE'
    [glff] Williss: 'DO ME'
    [glff] Eril: '[92 Logs of Mallorn Wood]'
    [glff] Williss: 'NOW'
    [glff] Vulgr: '[glff] Williss: 'OMG YOU HAVE THE r9 HORSE''
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'the horse or you?'
    [glff] Vulgr: '[glff] Williss: 'DO ME''
    [glff] Williss: 'both'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'cuz that horse is purple'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'im just sayin'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'Vulgr, how about I give you 10 Gold just so you can shut the.... you get the picture.'
    [glff] Megamanx: 'It seems'
    [glff] Megamanx: 'you have pulled'
    [glff] Williss: 'interupted'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'send the money my way party and i wont talk in glff ever again'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'why are you even here'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'You just lied so I won't'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'why did you come here'
    [glff] Bellabear: 'the rank 12 horse is the purple one '
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'we didnt ask for people with egos half the size of corrakkas'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'I JUST WANT TO KNOW'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'i got a question for boogie, why are you the only member of uao that Isn't anon ?'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'WHY YOU ALL HATING'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'bob calm down, next ban is perma'
    [glff] Professor: 'do they make a ego that small?'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'people with some real talent'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'transfer here'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'What comes after a 7day ban?'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'and you are all threatened'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'no people with some talent xfer here and think they are the best thing to ever hit meneldor.'
    [glff] Williss: 'OMG, no way, another kin that raids, we are so threatened'
    [glff] Williss: 'LT is gonna give us less loot now'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'lol pve'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'it really sounds like you guys are'
    [glff] Professor: 'i will tell ya one thing,, some of these young, or old folks who lead and taunt you just to get you banned should get the same ban'
    [glff] Williss: 'How many PvE zones are there?'
    [glff] Williss: '12? 15?'
    [To glff] 'willo and ellusive transfered, had talent, and didnt get any hate'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'Oi wots wrong with us old folks I resemble that remark !!!!'
    [glff] Williss: 'lets estimate 12'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'professor if that was the cause id have 30 ppl banned for taunting'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'lol corr'
    [glff] Elossen: ''
    [glff] Williss: 'how many pvp zones are there?'
    [glff] Williss: '1'
    [glff] Williss: '1/12'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'Yes professor, but turbine GMs arent intelligent enough to understand what provocation is.'
    [glff] Williss: '= ?'
    [glff] Karils: 'They didnt get any hate because they didnt go screaming that they were the best at everything...'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'sad but true'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'its cause ellusive and willo built a rep as awesome pvpers instead of trying to force people to think they are good'
    [glff] Williss: '8.5 percent'
    [glff] Professor: 'do i need to bring out the books? hehe''
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'I AM THE BEST AT EVERYTHING'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'flame on'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'probably more likely they arent payed enough to care what provocation is'
    [glff] Williss: 'grats you have conquered 8.5 percent of the game'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'I dont force anything bob'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'Maybe that's the problem? THEY DONT CARE AT ALL'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'but in 1 hour when i can roll a creep'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'correct me if im wrong but werent you just like 20 minutes ago trying to prove that your the best at this game?'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'i'll start ranking him'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'freep and creep side'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'when i hit rank 6, i'll own you'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'lolololololololololol'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'omg'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'thats a good one'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'isnt it crushing how the vast majority of people out there, including our very own GM's, really don't care about this digital reality we are probably all entirely to invested in?'
    [glff] Vulgr: 'yes its very crushing khatzrig'
    [glff] Burgli: 'I am crushed'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'i feel the weight of the server's indignity'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'its right here'
    [glff] Effey: 'meneldor kins have a long way to go before I'd say any of them know how to grief.'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'what serves as the basis of that bold statement?'
    [glff] Williss: 'wait wait wait, i have a correction'
    [glff] Ingwesen: 'imma say a claim that you have 6 manned the lt'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'anything i say is bold'
    [glff] Drunkard: 'lol'
    [glff] Williss: 'if you count Moria as one zone, there are 1 zones in the game'
    [glff] Williss: '1/16 = .0625'
    [glff] Williss: '6.25 percent'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'sunny why you hatting so much'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'hardcore'
    [glff] Williss: 'Im providing numbers'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'math gets me all hot and bothered'
    [glff] Karitsha: 'LFF school library / GB / SG'
    [glff] Moxis: 'you maybe bold, but are you daring...?!'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'would you like to join me in the back room of the forsaken inn Mr. Willis'
    [glff] Framur: 'everyone. there are e^(i*pi)+1 zones in the game'
    [glff] Ingwesen: 'there are 10 types of people in this world, those who read binary and those who dont'
    [glff] Williss: 'yes yes yes'
    [glff] Tornyth: 'FYI.... there is no zone outide of moria... moria is it, nothing can leave or enter, its it's own -cosm'
    [glff] Karitsha: 'LFM school / library'
    [glff] Davwise: 'lf4m carn dum, get your class items'
    [glff] Williss: 'framur framur framur, everyone knows that e^i does not exist'
    [glff] Effey: 'I lived through eq, this game reduces competition almost entirely, you can state you won a. first or b. with less.. but there is no complete domination by blocking other kins.'
    [glff] Sehrick: 'The steed of night seems to glow in the dark slightly.'
    [glff] Burgling: 'for 20$, it better glow in the freakin dark'
    [glff] Tornyth: 'lol'
    [glff] Onewithdabow: 'is a horse really 20 dollars?'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'hell, it better piss florecent as well'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'if you have to buy TP'
    [glff] Framur: 'if you want one that turbine sells'
    [glff] Effey: 'more if you dont buy the super points'
    [glff] Sehrick: '168% speed and 250 morale, its pretty nice.'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'some of us had 5-10k tp stored'
    [glff] Tornyth: 'exactly'
    [glff] Onewithdabow: 'so you wasted it on a horse?'
    [glff] Burgling: 'it glows in the dark'
    [glff] Stat: 'it's shiny'
    [glff] Strybjorn: 'came with a keychain'
    [glff] Framur: 'it poops gold'
    [glff] Tornyth: 'It's 6% faster. Cue whining wargs'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'Clearly turbine is running out of ideas... 'hey lets make a horse glow in the dark''
    [glff] Onewithdabow: 'i remember when i was dumb'
    [glff] Leprichanbob: 'rofl'
    [glff] Burgling: '5TP off your next vehicle'
    [glff] Professor: 'so, one question for the evening, is there any certainty with the next update or are we forced to wallow in 65 till sept or oct of next fiscal year?'
    [glff] Tornyth: 'No'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'Hopefully never, I hope turbine goes bankrupt'
    [glff] Williss: 'Supposedly end of the year-ish'
    [glff] Williss: 'AGREED'
    [glff] Stat: 'byeee'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'I really do'
    [glff] Tornyth: 'My prediction is we're stuck in 65 until next winter'
    [glff] Williss: 'me too'
    [glff] Partyboy: ''
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'my wife does'
    [glff] Strybjorn: 'are you professor oak'
    [glff] Partyboy: 'LOL'
    [glff] Onewithdabow: 'ya'
    [glff] Onewithdabow: 'this is dumb'
    [glff] Onewithdabow: 'woops'
    [glff] Onewithdabow: 'mt'
    [glff] Effey: 'you ever notice they say in Q1 we will get the raid update, but really they should say before Q2 as it will come a day or so before q1 ends?'
    [glff] Professor: 'if i told you my sir name,, then the cat would be out of the bag, in saying that i shall depart your glff, till further need of me is requested'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'its surname'
    [glff] Khatzrig: 'just sayin'
    [glff] Davwise: 'lf4m gs daily'
    [glff] Stat: 'no for him it's a sirname'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'was that prof. x?'
    [glff] Josiewales: 'chaos'
    [glff] Strybjorn: 'i always chose squirtle'
    [glff] Stat: 'squirtle fails'
    [glff] Professor: 'this is true, and due to my lack of typing skills, as well as my forgetfullness in age and wondering ways'
    [glff] Ingwesen: 'pikachu i choose you'
    [glff] Davwise: 'lf3m gs daily'
    [glff] Basthalion: 'Mblue wins [Cloak of Shadow and Flame]. my god it dropped'
    [glff] Adellgar: 'grats'
    [glff] Mblue: 'ty'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'You slap ShutUpandHeal on the cheek.'
    [glff] Corrakkas: 'OWNED'
    [glff] Davwise: 'lf2m gs daily'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'You tea-bag Corrakkas'
    [glff] Hunterofthebackwoods: 'OWNED'
    Now that was classic glff i actually teared up a little from missing all that.....where the heck was i when this went on grrrr
    A tree is a tree, a Rock is a rock and a Troll is Elmo

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    The fact you took the time to write all of that /salute
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rimenuir View Post
    The fact you took the time to write all of that /salute
    Haha, nah, I didn't write all that out. It was just an old chat log I copy/pasted that I happened to still have from the Mirkwood days. Thought a few ppl might find it mildly interesting.

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    Still, hats off for that
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    Any other time period past that is stupid.

    Edit: LOTRO is stupid period, actually.
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    The immersion is too real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenfeen View Post
    I always thought the best era was when PVMP was first released on Arwen.
    It was rough and they were some probs large and small but the only thing the freeps and creeps cared about was the laying boots to each.
    It was a non-stop madhouse until Arwen server became Meneldor then split to Brandy.
    Cy Shadowmaw Chitterly Bolgathor plus many more fun times.

    Well said, despite the 30 seconds mezzes this was the best care-free fun Iv'e had in this game.

    Turwe, I still always choose squirtle.
    Stry, Captain


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