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The title says all. Just thought it'd create some interesting discussion.
Well for one thing, aint no real mmo pvp'er these days gonna 1 v 1; thats what duels are for.

Zerg v zerg... well you just a mob of turds anyhow, if both sides are somewhat equal it ALL comes down to leadership and followership.

SO, my suggestion is thus; find a small group that melds well together; put them on your list. Mind the times they are on.

On Landroval, anything other than primetime is... well a time to do other stuff than be a creep, that or get pve quest with your creep done.

Been that way for oh... bout 7 years now. Primetime always been the only time worth it.

Anyways, anytime it comes down to real pvp group v group... I want a badass core of players who know their class, know the rules, and use chat - and work well together. Just this raw small core of people MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE between being a mob of turds that just run around... and being some badasses that add to their realms ability and make EVERYONE who runs on their team... follow in amazement as they tear thru the other side... whose leadership and abilities are less so.

Both sides on landroval have this, some more than others

Warlord Greebo (Wwissk Rank 7 Weaver)