The hobbits celebrate Mid-year's Day in the midst of the Lithe Days, and every seven years they hold a Free Fair on the White Downs. We're bringing this tradition to Crickhollow, mixing in some of the Midsummer traditions practiced around the world, and holding one of those unique sorts of races you only get with the Second Breakfast kinship.

Our general marketplace opens at 2pm EDT (server time)/20:00 CEST/11am PDT in Bywater. Trades may also be done on the event channel (/joinchannel event). You may craft on demand or come prepared with whatever sort of wares you'd like to sell. RP is optional. The pricing is all up to our vendors--offer the customers deals or rip-offs, give it away for free or set it at a ludicrous price. Buyer beware!

Things really heat up one hour later when the adventure race begins. Get ready to swim, fish, solve riddles, run fences and participate in all sorts of other ridiculous things. We'll be giving away hundreds of gold in prizes. Mounts and speed buffs of any type are prohibited so we may have an even playing field.

The day concludes with the music, feasting, circle dances, fire jumping and fireworks that a Midsummer's Eve demands.

Once again, the festival will be held on Sunday, June 22nd at 2pm server time with the opening of the market at the top of the hour and the adventure race at 3pm. I hope you'll be able to join us for a fantastic day in the Shire!