Hey There,

I’m looking for advice from anyone who had trouble getting into Big Battles, but found a way to enjoy them.

I understand the intent of this system and I think in the scope of HD they made sense as a way to experience the epic moments of the Helm’s Deep Battle, but regardless of which one I do or how many times I do it, it always feels like a really, really long defensive skirmish (with a few side goals).

A lot of effort went into the building of this system and considering that now even trait points are tethered to the ongoing use of this mechanic it is clear that Big Battles are not going away. With this in mind how do others that have found themselves feeling this way figured out a way to undertake, and more importantly enjoy, spending time in this system.

Like many other players my continued motivation is the ongoing progress of my character, and I’m concerned that not wanting to utilize this system will end up hurting that progress. Granted 2 trait points are not really all that much, but if this trend continues in future expansions it could start to make a difference.

Thanks in advance for the comments…