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    Suggestion for Soloist/Group Content lockout

    As a player who is on a very low populated server (Gilrain) I find it frustrating as a completionist that a lot of things (Deeds especially!) seem to be locked away in Group Content and therefore even though I attempt them at over-level sometimes they are still not soloable for various reasons, also the Helm's Deep Big Battles is extremely locked out for a soloist with the only possible way I can acquire the extra Skill Points being via the LOTRO Store, which frankly I absolutely refuse to do solely upon principle.

    Anyway, my suggestion is simple, and would also have a positive secondary benefit...

    Put a timer on a Players 'Waiting in Queue for <<Instance>>' - Once a certain threshold had been passed of the Player being unable to find a Group for a particular Instance (Days not Hours..) then the Instance should be flagged as completed and any associated Deeds (Kill 999 Orcs in <<Instance>>) should be changed to a non-Instanced alternative.

    I feel this would massively boost those of us on very low Population Servers (A whole fortnight just waiting in a queue at Prime Times with no bites gets very old very fast ) by:

    A: Giving us a chance at something otherwise locked out to us.


    B: Giving us a POINT to actually JOINING the Instance Finder therefore inadvertently creating actual Groups that CAN go and do the Group Content. At the moment there is ZERO incentive to wait in the queue for a group that is going to be incredibly 'lucky' to happen.

    I look forwards to the inevitable 'Wahhh..Waaaahhh..MMO (MASSIVELY ONLINE) GROUP UP N00B...' from the lucky people on High-Population Servers in huge elitist Raiding Kinships... But also the valuable input from others in the same situation as myself

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    My recommendation ~ Don't try to use Instance Finder. It is so under-used, that you are unlikely to ever find anyone on it. Even less likely to find enough to run any instance. Look for your server's global chat channel (glff, globallff are some of the common names) and ask there, not a guaranteed way to get a group, but you'll have much more success.
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    Unless you can specify what _exactly_ "the Instance should be flagged as completed" is supposed to do it's a pretty useless idea, sorry. Most instance-related deeds involve solving multiple specific tasks like challenge mode, and allowing to bypass those requirements would render those deeds worthless.
    As for the slayer deeds: I think almost all of those are for fixed-level instances (Moria/Angmar) and should be soloable by a level-cap char with little problems (most of those instances could be soloed back at level 75 already). And most scaling instances shouldn't be a problem either as you can scale them down to their minimum level. Which leaves very few cases where your idea would actually apply.

    Besides, the implementation of your idea would couse quite a lot of issues as "any associated Deeds (Kill 999 Orcs in <<Instance>>) should be changed to a non-Instanced alternative" means that any such deed would require a clone, and any other deed having it as a requirement would have to be able to accept both versions, which AFAIK isn't possible in the current system. As a software developer I can tell you such a change simply asks to be abused.

    Btw, I understand your motivation given that I cleared all landscape (except HD and Moors), Angmar and Moria instance deeds on my main char. If those achievements could now be obtained by simply exceeding a timeout I'd not be pleased, and that has nothing to do with "huge elitist Raiding Kinships" as most of them are the result of extensive solo grind.

    And I second the advice to just ignore the instance finder. There are several good reasons why it's not used at all for setting up groups. It's called _Instance_ Finder, not _Group_ Finder after all.
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    If you choose to play solo only, then you will just have to accept that some deeds/quests will not be possible to obtain.
    If you really want to do everything then just suck it up and find a group. (Keep in mind that nobody is forcing you to do everything. It is allowed to skip stuff.)

    And if you now complain that it is too hard to find a group on your server due to low population - well, guess why some people ask for server merges....

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    skip instance finder

    As others have said options would be skipping the Instance Finder as it's almost useless in most cases(its main use was extra marks/meds with a full group,this has been removed however). I'd say your best bets are the global chats,regional chats, and maybe starting your own channel for oddball grouping. Let's say you're trying to do Moria instances for deeds/the mount whatever it is, you could either A head to the 21st hall and put out a regional message there about X lvl player looking to run Y instance for deed/mounts etc or B you could use your social panel filter it by levels appropriate to the instance you want to run and politely ask if they needed deeds/would like to join you. Asking never hurts , as far as making deeds auto completeable or alternatives to those in the instances I can't go for that (no can do) simply because I did alot of soloing to finish my deeds/get mounts and for others to just sit and basically afk their way to those same rewards seems too much to ask. Just my opinion as I think alot of other players would feel cheated,robbed of their accomplishments if those that don't want to solo them or don't group (if required for deeds) be awarded them simply because. A perfect example of a deed a soloer cannot accomplish is the RoR raid deeds,now let's assume your system is implemented and after waiting X days (whatever the number is irrelevant) all players are awarded the WS set, those that actually grouped and worked hard to get that reward would feel betrayed or robbed no?

    Another area this would be a major problem is the class pages that each player must grind for in order to get, if the players just afk waiting for their deed timer to expire or hunt for their pages which would be preferred, do we go even further to say your class deeds expire after X time passes so you can have all your points? I don't think such a change would be fair to those who actually worked hard for and earned their deeds/mounts/rewards.

    This is just my 2 cents on the matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by banjak View Post
    I look forwards to the inevitable 'Wahhh..Waaaahhh..MMO (MASSIVELY ONLINE) GROUP UP N00B...' from the lucky people on High-Population Servers in huge elitist Raiding Kinships... But also the valuable input from others in the same situation as myself
    Don't think there's any huge raiding kins left on any server anymore...

    The instance finder is pretty useless for what you want. Get on your server's GLFF channel (soon to be "world") and ask for groups there. I have never found a group via instance finder, though admittedly I give up fairly quickly, but I have found groups for every instance in the game via GLFF. It may take patience, but it can be done. I do understand your frustration, but auto-completing deeds is a very unsatisfying way of solving the problem.



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