As a player who is on a very low populated server (Gilrain) I find it frustrating as a completionist that a lot of things (Deeds especially!) seem to be locked away in Group Content and therefore even though I attempt them at over-level sometimes they are still not soloable for various reasons, also the Helm's Deep Big Battles is extremely locked out for a soloist with the only possible way I can acquire the extra Skill Points being via the LOTRO Store, which frankly I absolutely refuse to do solely upon principle.

Anyway, my suggestion is simple, and would also have a positive secondary benefit...

Put a timer on a Players 'Waiting in Queue for <<Instance>>' - Once a certain threshold had been passed of the Player being unable to find a Group for a particular Instance (Days not Hours..) then the Instance should be flagged as completed and any associated Deeds (Kill 999 Orcs in <<Instance>>) should be changed to a non-Instanced alternative.

I feel this would massively boost those of us on very low Population Servers (A whole fortnight just waiting in a queue at Prime Times with no bites gets very old very fast ) by:

A: Giving us a chance at something otherwise locked out to us.


B: Giving us a POINT to actually JOINING the Instance Finder therefore inadvertently creating actual Groups that CAN go and do the Group Content. At the moment there is ZERO incentive to wait in the queue for a group that is going to be incredibly 'lucky' to happen.

I look forwards to the inevitable 'Wahhh..Waaaahhh..MMO (MASSIVELY ONLINE) GROUP UP N00B...' from the lucky people on High-Population Servers in huge elitist Raiding Kinships... But also the valuable input from others in the same situation as myself