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It was very impromptu. I spoke of it several times throughout the day in between work. I just happen to go down there about 10 minutes before and found a lone hunter. We paired up and started picking people up and I advertised coordinates throughout and we picked people up along the way.(You should have seen the tells I got from using pvmp+ to advertise to coordinates...Creeps@Twenty first hall....people were bugging out thinking creeps were out of the ettenmoors.
Nice, Ugh. I doubt it would've been possible without this.

It's a shame that Gladden wasn't able to send out the team that had been put together to actually run this but that it had to happen on the fly. As it is the "fairness" of any run is gone since there's at least two servers that were prepared for one time and had to run without notice on other days/times. It's very discouraging.