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    Ancient Dwarf Damage titles?

    Are there any legendary titles for Ancient Dwarf Damage better (or at least newer) than the ones given from LI quest rewards at The Dolven-view?

    I can find Westernesse and Beleriand quite easily in the later areas (Hytbold's the first that springs to mind) so I'm wondering if I've managed to miss a bunch of LI quests/vendors somewhere.

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    According to the wiki, the title from V2B1/Dolen View is the only Ancient Dwarf damage title in the game.

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    Just that one title "Guardian of the Deep Halls" , but there are non-legendary weapons up to level 95 that have ancient dwarf damage.

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    IIRC the starter LI quest in II.1 gives you a choice of a title for Ancient Dwarf or Beleriand damage. I chose Ancient Dwarf knowing I would need that weapon to clear Sarnur first before Moria. One of the early quest rewards was an AD long sword, which works quite handily as the offhand weapon for my LM!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gladnagl View Post
    IIRC the starter LI quest in II.1 gives you a choice of a title for Ancient Dwarf or Beleriand damage.
    That's incorrect. The Epic quest gives you the option between Dwarf and Westernesse damage, not Beleriand damage.

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    ive just been through this myself (farming sarnur for rep) very recently
    I just made a trash 95 3rd age LI and did the dolven view daily for the scroll. I mean I could have hoped a weapon with it dropped, but that was just the easiest option IMO

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    I have one dwarf character. He only uses Ancient Dwarf damage on his LI weapons and also for offhand/ranged weapons when he can find them. My dwarf is very sad that there are lots of different Westernesse and Beleriand damage scrolls but only one Ancient Dwarf damage scroll. My dwarf thinks the devs have watched the Highlander movies too many times and decided "there can be only one ancient dwarf damage scroll".

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    Since there aren't many cave claws past Moria, there's little value having Ancient Dwarf beyond there. Westernesse's good for the dead, but we fight so many half-orcs, Beleriand is the preferred choice for most, but anything beats Common.
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    Ancient Dwarf is also good for "dragon kind" and there are a bunch of those near Nar's Peak, a dwarf outpost in Enedwaith, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to have an NPC in that area offer those scrolls, but it's back to Moria to get them.

    I'm also a bit sceptical about Rohan NPC's offering Beleriand scrolls. Beleriand was an elven area (it's the area where Orcrist, Glamdring and Sting were made). In the book, the men of Rohan were suspicious of elves, calling Galadriel a "witch" several times, so why do they offer damage scrolls closely associated with elves? I could understand them offering Westernesse scrolls, it's a damage type associated with the men of Numenor. Considering that Gondor was founded by men who escaped the destruction of Numenor, and having the Paths of the Dead on Rohan's border, it would be plausible for the men of Rohan to learn about Westernesse damage from Gondor, but where would they have learned about Beleriand damage?



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