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    Crafted Legendary Items Question

    Is the crafted LI for a given class/level range identical? Mor specifically, did every Lore-Master when the Riders of Rohan was endgame get stuck with THIS as a Second Age staff:

    This bronze calf on a stick with crown and nose-ring is the GOOFIEST LI I've wielded to date, including that butterfly stick-pin I had from 65-75. What Dev came up with this atrocity? Is it any wonder the players KEEP asking for weapon cosmetics? And why was there no warning to the rest of us in the Forums that this horror waited for the rest of us?

    I can only pray that the Dol-Amroth themed 95+ staves have better art assets.
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    The artwork for each legendary item is fixed. Once you see what one level 95, third age, crafted, lore master staff looks like - you know what they all look like. That one looks better to me than the butterfly Lore Master staff. Turbine seems to like putting animals on top of Lore Master staves.

    There is no cosmetic weapon system. You have to accept what ever appearance Turbine decides is appropriate for your legendary weapon.
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