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    Skirmish Soldier Cosmetics

    There have been loads of great looking NPC outfits from Mirkwood onwards.

    I would love to be able to make my skirmish soldier look like A Gondorian Swan Knight, or Gondorian Spearman, or Rohirrim Guard etc etc (utilising the proper weapons not the default Dwarf Shield & Club on Protector).

    I would be willing to spend some TP too.

    If that doesn't make their ears perk up I don't know what will.
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    I want the mirkwood/lorien sentinel outfit for my skirm soldiers.
    Or sience we've seen that npcs can wear PC outfits (eyes and guard :P) let us outfit them ourselves.
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    With how cheap soldier tokens are now it's a real shame the cosmetic options are so limited and generally ugly. I'm having a lot of fun using one while levelling in the tougher areas of Middle Earth.

    There's a lot of nice looking armour and outfits in the game (npc and player) but we're stuck with 5 versions of the same chainmail and a couple of dresses.

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    i agree! would love a swan knight!

    i got the Rohirrim look. think it was from pre-ordering an expansion. its my favorite i use on all my characters.
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