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    Still CANNOT hear music in the trollshaws and other regions

    I cannot hear music in the trollshaws or certain other regions. The music in rivendell is my favorite by far and its what makes rivendell my favorite place to be. Wituout the music the game means alot less to me. i have a macbook and im wondering why music doesnt work. Please help!

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    I'm guessing you've already checked the settings for music, under the sound options? is it possible that music was disabled? (I wasn't sure whether music was missing only from one or two regions, or from all regions.)

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    I.m afraid I can't help. But I offer my condolences. Trollshaws is the best music in the game. Even better than Rivendell.

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    This issue has nothing to do with the settings. I have turned the in game audio volume for music all the way up and still cannot hear the music in several regions.

    There also seems to be no pattern to when the music will play and when it won't. Sometimes you hear the music as soon as you enter a region. Sometimes you don't. The times that you don't hear the music, you can still hear the background noises and sound effects. If you stop moving and the background noises aren't too loud, you can very faintly hear the music. It's like it's playing some of the music at close to 0 volume about 30-50% of the time. I've had this happen in The Shire, North Downs, Trollshaws, Eregion.

    I haven't downloaded the HD update yet, but I didn't see anything regarding background music in the release notes. The only music related item I saw was regarding the player initiated music system using the /play command.

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    I have the same issues, trying everything but there is no solution...
    I can't come back on LOTRO if i don't have music

    When will Turbine fix this bug... ? Really annoying !!!

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    At least I know that I'm not the only one experiencing the same issue. It's quite annoying, I always enjoyed the music and a few areas (trollshaws, Rivendell and Eregion in particular) seem to be bugged in that regard.

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    It seems to be getting better, from what I've noticed lately. I'm hearing the music again in Eregion a bit more frequently, even a little more now and then in the Trollshaws too.

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    No, I spent time in the Trollshaws this morning and the landscape music is still pretty non-existent in comparison to like Rohan landscape music, for instance.

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    same problem on my laptop. definately a bug:/



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