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    LOTRO memory reaches 2000000kb. Normal?

    So after playing LOTRO for a good 3+ hours, I noticed the memory usage for it on Norton was around 2,000,000kb, whereas upon launching the game it's at 1,100,000kb, and can reach 1,600,000kb. Is playing the game for extended periods of time normal for having the memory increase? My computer's pretty high end, with 12gb of RAM, so it can handle it, I assume?
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    I got the same problem and also the color of my taskbar changes to default with no aeropeek after i close the game it goes back to normal .

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    This is perfectly normal. 2GB of memory usage for a game client is really very little these days.

    The reason that it increases during play is that Turbine disabled the loading of certain game information during loading to reduce load times and, during play, you may invoke the loading of that information which is then permanently stored in memory until you exit the client.



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