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    Question Bestone

    I am Wolvernkah. I used to live in Mordor, but recently i have been moved to Ettenmoors. I closed my eyes and delved under the straw to cut out the sound of my brothers fighting. Their names are Bloodpaws, the biggest and strongest and the cruellest, and Vilefang, extremely clever. The problem with them is that they are extremely clever and can plan their cruelty in a way, free peoples can´t.

    Our Lord Dzumrat given the order that a one hundred fully equipped riders would go without delay to Ettenmoors. Unfortunately the forest path can only handle so many fully equippied wargs and their riders at a time so we were going in groups of twnty five. I closed my eyes and inhaled, I could smell the dank scent of rotting leaves and wood. I had never been further than the walls of Dol Guldur before and i felt a bit nervous.

    Vilefang was just ahead of me, and looking bored, Bloodpaws was just behind me and I did not even have look at him to tell that he was absolutely bouncing with excitement. It drove me to distraction. I mean we are going to Ettenmoors the greatest war against free peoples. Place with 3 keeps, 4 Outpost and famous Glan Vráig. All Bloodpaws and Vilefang could think of was eating manflesh. Do not aks how i know their are thinking about manflesh, it is one of the things one knows after growing up with another.

    I was extremely tired, out of power and I concentrated on listening to the forest noises to prevent me from falling asleep. I heard the sound of water dripping on to the damp ground and the rustle of leaves in the wind. Then i heard the sharp hiss of something moving very fast through the air. Me, Bloodpaws and Vilefang swiveled our ears and tried to pinpoint the object. We couldn´t hear it any more but we felt slightly nervous. Even Payback and Treachery felt slightly nervous. Then out fo the forest flew a bird. It soared over Grudusch´s head and wailed, "Ai, Ai, Aiiiiiii!!!" it was a dark black raven with thick grey feathers, but if you looked close you saw the sharp beak and curved scimitar-like claws. Brogup which was riding Vilefang reached up and tried to touch it, but the ground opened up and swallowed us whole as the bird soared up towards the sky...Bestone! hissed a voice behind me.

    I turned to see a messenger standing holding large bag. It was Bestone, Dúnedain of the North, most fearsome captain. He strode away into the forest and dissapeared.

    That smell was old, as we rode on I inhaled. The scent that hit my nostrils was overpowering. It made me gag, but more out of shock than anything. It was a scent I had only smelt once before, the scent of man. This scent brought back many memories, none of them good. Barad Guldur, where my brothers died under hand of Bestone.

    The oldest warg Boshal said: "If i wars anny otherrr warrrg I wrrrrdnrrr´t let him dissrrrpearr. The Boshal told us to concentrate on our way to Ettenmoors again.

    After few hours I halted as Keeslanaff called rest. I curled up among the long roots that stretched from the tree I was sheltering under and tried to sleep. I could not. I rolled over, stretched and curled up again. I sat up and had a drink of water, lay down and curled up again. I stared glumly at the sky and this made me think about myself in front of the messenger we met earlier, Bestone.

    Hope one day i will again see most fearsome captain in Ettenmoors and i will have chance to strike him solo to revenge my brothers. I ll be waiting in the dark, in the shadows for you Bestone!

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