Alliance of Barrows is recruiting. Whether you are coming back or checking out the game for the first time, AoB has the door open. We are a mostly mature (21 years+) kinship, and we do not have many youngsters hanging around. We are not closed to young applicants, but we are definitely looking for more mature players to join our ranks. We raid and run instances on a nightly basis and most of our players are at level cap. Some of us keep a few lowbie toons hanging around to help people out as they grind, grind, grind. If you are looking to join a mature, friendly kinship, please look us up. In-game you'll find me under Daemiphor, Yrkilfinn, Labdadlaith, Daelimond, Normpeterson, Brookshatlin, Daerthonith, or Fredbear. I'm always open for a chat to get a feeling for what you are looking for in a kinship. Check us out, if we're not for you, no hard feelings. Thanks for taking the time, and happy hunting!!