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    Unhappy [Recruiting and seeking allies] The Eorlingas


    The Eorlingas, is a Heavy Roleplay kinship on the Laurelin server of The Lord of the Rings Online. We are a Race of Man only kinship, specifically those who play a Rohirrim or one who might wish to live with the Men of the Mark. We are focused on providing a stable roleplaying environment that stays true to the lore provided by J.R.R. Tolkien, through character and kin development, progressive plot lines and story arcs, and quality storytelling.

    What we offer is chance to role play in community of Rohirrims in Rohan, in their natural habitat, participate in the days that were before fall of Isengard.

    There is no level requirement to RP in Rohan, on daily base, as we plan to make Snowbourn a role play hub for all who wish to join us there as allies.


    How can my low lvl character RP in high level regions, like Snowbourn?

    We use Mithril Coin from Bree to fast travel to Snowbourn for example, and then we park our low lvl alt there with suitable story (naturaly, you cant say your alt is rider that goes on quests around the lands as you cant leave bound of the town and its safety. If you leave safety you are dead in second.).

    You can be escorted to Rohan if you are level 60 and tie your travel skill to there so you can return after leveling.



    Forth Eorlingas!
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