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    Did the Nazgul wear their Rings?

    I had always assumed so, but re-reading LotR today, Gandalf tells Frodo that Sauron has "gathered to himself" the Seven and the Nine. Which makes sense, since the Nazgul aren't invisible. But it seems like they would be more powerful if they did wear their Rings.

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    I think the matter is not entirely free from doubt, but I think the better conclusion is that the Nazgul did not wear their rings at the time of the events in LotR. In addition to the passage you mention, I have a pretty clear recollection of another passage - either in LotR or in the ancillary texts - that went something to the effect of "the Nazgul are slaves to their nine rings, which Sauron holds." The implication being that Sauron physically held those rings.

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    I did a little digging and came up with this essay, which I think you will find interesting:


    I am pleased to see that I correctly recalled the passage I mentioned, it being the quoted material from Unfinished Tales.



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