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    We are coming to the end of a chapter in Slowtro.
    Currently the group is at level 47, which has allowed us to finish the Epic Volume I
    Its a pity about the Inspiration Buff, we found it too easy apart from maybe the final fight.
    We are travelling through Eregion, finishing off the last few things whilst still mopping up stuff in Angmar instances.
    BG is proving a little difficult as we lack the full 6 man, but with a bit of polish, we will get there.

    During the holidays, we shall be delving into Moria having already done the Vol II intro for our Legendary Weapons.

    Until next time.

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    Currently the group has just turned level 49 to allow us a chance at Helegrod - Giant, which the group successfully completed with 4 people. (Raid pfft, congrats to Kasey, Gilangol, Lirduiniel and Siggar, Slowtro's 'Challengers of Thorog'.)
    Questing continues in Moria for some whilst others are catching up with missing deeds and such.

    Our updated plan for 2017 is as follows.

    Highlights from 2016: Our Company have succesfully conquered the Armies of Angmar including all of the Commanders of various fortresses and the Witch King himself. We have aided the Rangers immensely and saw to the destruction of Narchuil. We have also established the Eriador Base of Operations southeast of Bree and one of our contingent has helped the initial efforts of the dwarven expedition that set out to reclaim Moria.

    First Quarter (levels 48-50):

    We have been receiving ill news from the far corners of Angmar and the Misty Mountains. Our Company will assault Helegrod in the first half of the quarter and move on to explore The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu in the second half.
    We will also launch a more active recruiting campaign that will likely persist through Q2.

    Second Quarter (levels 51-53):

    Having lifted the Shadows of Angmar, we will celebrate the closing of a long chapter by joining the festvities of spring and the 10th Anniversary.
    Later this quarter we will put more emphasis on forging some Moria storylines for the Company and Legendary Items for its members.
    We will establish a forward operating base in the Twenty-first Hall and celebrate the 3rd birthday of Slowtro.
    Apart from the first two group instances, The Forgotten Treasury and The Grand Stair, Turtles should focus on catching-up this quarter (e.g. deeding, Epic Volume II up to Book V, enriching character's stories, etc.)

    Third Quarter (levels 54-56):

    Hopefully, with our ranks somewhat reinforced, we will be able to take on some of the finest challenges of Mines of Moria while simultaneously moving on to solo questing (and much more) in Lothlórien.
    The level range for this quarter will allow us to finish Book VIII of Volume II of the Epic as well as all quests for this expansion.
    Our aim will be to complete as much as possible of the above while taking the summer holidays into account.

    Fourth Quarter (levels 57-59, possibly 60):

    At the start of this quarter we will move our forward base of operations to the outskirts of Caras Galadhon (hopefully with the blessing of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn) and help fellow Turtles that are in need of catching up from Q3.
    Simultaneously, venturing into Mirkwood and Enedwaith will become an option so we will be resuming the co-operation with Elrond and the Rangers.
    Ideally we conclude Q4 with the three Moria Raids.

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    Jun 2011
    Hey guys. I'd be interested in joining up with you guys if you accept new members. My nearest character to you guys is my Warden, though he's level 50, not 49 like you chaps currently are. What days would you typically run events?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halavorn View Post
    Hey guys. I'd be interested in joining up with you guys if you accept new members. My nearest character to you guys is my Warden, though he's level 50, not 49 like you chaps currently are. What days would you typically run events?
    Hello Halavorn.
    A level 50 Warden would be a most welcome addition to the group. We generally allow those at our level +1 to join us, given most in the kin have at some point forgot to equip their Stone of Tortoise before levelling. We have had a level 50 in our group in the last few months, who was a returning player from SOA cap days, so the time it took us to catch up allowed him to fill out his character.

    Generally, Wednesday is our choice of evening for events, tho we have members on most nights, tho not always in an organised event. As we hit level 50 we will need to organise more evenings as we tackle the Rift due to raid locks and such, depending on how successful we are.

    Level 50 is a level we would be looking to promote our group more as we acknowledge that perhaps new High Elves come to the game perhaps using a level 50 boost from Gift of Valar.

    For more info, please look to the web forums http://slowtro.shivtr.com/forums where you can introduce yourself.
    Hope to meet you in game soon.

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    Sunday night saw 5 of our members victorious against Thorog at level 50.
    The Rift is our final raid to conquer in Eriador whilst tortoised at this level. We would welcome any characters wishing to join us on this, and future episodes, around the adventuring world. Find your way to our forums and say hello, or search /who tort 1 50 and message any of our members. Joining the kin isnt a requisite to adventuring with us, having fun is.

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    Mixed emotions about our trip into Rift last night. We succeeded to battle all the bosses up to the Balrog, with just 6 players, before retiring for the night.
    Maybe its rose tinted glasses, but the selection of gear available nowadays compared with level 50 cap hey day makes our group very much stronger.
    The balrog is level 54, so attempting before level 49 would not really be a wise option, but I think the jump to level 50, combined with stuff we have gained from U12 loot and some with Osgiliath Armour / Big Battles Jewels and Moria quest gear means we are certainly having an easy time so far.

    I remember back in the day, running Rift, we were casual kin but liked a good crack at it and battled the bosses. Guardians were often given the first choice of the armour gems that dropped, then on an open roll people would be biting your hand off for it. Now.. it doesnt compare with other stuff. I think my mini had less than 2k morale back then too. Slacker.

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    Last night saw our group of 5 (plus one on follow) defeat the Mighty Balrog on our second attempt.
    We now have a few 'Saviour of Eriador' titles in the group. Well done all.

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    Club Slowtro are currently level 56 and have all bought sun glasses as we leave the dim light halls of Moria and venture forth to ask the pesky pointy ears of Lothlorien for help regarding our current predicament in Moria.

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    Jul 2011
    Land of Hamlet
    Slowtro still going strong! Bera has retired, but the turtles are stronger than ever!
    "The turtle is my trinket". Founder of Club Slowtro.
    Tolkien fan and LOTRO completionist, taking my time to see all the places. Clabauterman on Steam.

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    Slow does not equate to lazy. It has been a busy Summer for Club Slowtro.
    Emerging from the darkness of Moria into the splendor of Lothlorien, only to be told by the Elves we need to go back into Moria again.

    Regular 5-6 members have completed all Moria instances including the Vile Maw and Dar Narbugud.
    The last month has seen us take some respite under the bows of the Mallorn Trees of Caras Galadhon.

    Level cap has been raised to level 65 as we venture forth to Mirkwood and then Enedwaith.
    We have moved away from 1-2 level ups every other month or so as we try out raising 5 levels/quarter as we have found that doing content even at -5 levels has become unchallenging. Where as when we were attempting raids, even though the raid may have been marked, say level 50, bosses inside might be level 53, meaning our level 45 characters could not hit stuff or use combat fears/disease/poisons etc. So we were finding ourselves stuck between two extremes, stuff being overly easy or stuff taking forever to fight through the additional 'resists' we would recieve.

    Gearing up for 'historic' expansion level caps (50/60/65) also meant that the stuff you worked for would often be out of date within a month, so hopefully with the 3 month period we will have longer at intervals so as to benefit equipment and also to achieve deeds such as killing 200 mobs in an instance that invariably means 'farming' the instance repeatably.

    Anyway, enough of the chitter chatter. Anyone interested, we are always welcoming to any new faces who are not in a rush to get to end cap and find out there are only repeatables left to do... give us a shout.



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