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Thread: Lack of RP?

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    Lack of RP?

    I've come to notice over the last couple of years, roleplaying and player events on this server have slowed drastically and are almost completely unnoticed at times. The only RP I've come by recently is random encounters around Eriador--which are wonderful, don't get me wrong. But sometimes I just wish for something more.

    I remember when I first joined this server there used to be weekly social gatherings and quite a few people sitting at The Prancing Pony, having a chat or two about their travels. There would be a minstrel playing a nice little tune and a handful of people dancing. It was definitely no Landroval when it came down to it, but it was cozy and pleasant, not crowded and sometimes confusing.

    Now, I'm not cracking on this server whatsoever. Imladris is and will always be my home-server; even if I leave, I'll always love it for what it is. I'm just a little troubled by the lack of community events and roleplays recently. I mean, I love questing, leveling and raiding as much as the next gal, but every now and then I wish that I could have something to fall back on when that gets boring.

    This is just my opinion on the matter. I hope I didn't offend anyone by bringing this topic up. :c
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    I agree; some of those server events in particular were lots of fun. I haven't seen the RP kins around as much either. It's a shame, they were very nice people.
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    It's not just Imladris server, I've noticed it a lot on the 2 servers I play on. We have lost a lot of players since HD, unfortunately a large proportion of them were the players who made the RP what it was.



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