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    Pony vs. far-off places, non-Pony RP hubs, travel times--seeking opinions, general blather

    Hey all--

    I threw this question up on /globallff a few days ago, but I thought I might as well post it too. I feel like it's . . . sort of a tricky issue that LotRO is more susceptible to than most MMOs, given the essentially realistic IC means of travel available, plus the relative positions of the Prancing Pony and anywhere interesting.

    The issue's this: the Prancing Pony is, as far as I've ever seen, the spot where you can rely on finding pickup RP. I switched over from another server some months ago, and even as a kinless oddball my character already has acquaintances, friends, and people-to-stay-the-hell-away-from in there. The Pony is also, IC, many weeks' ride from the frontlines of the war, with some very dodgy places in between.

    In my particular case, this becomes relevant because the character I mostly play has good reason to live in Bree, but equally good IC reason to blow town, go east, and get into the fighting--particularly with Dol Amroth about to become a thing. Paradoxically, this would mean going from a very RPer-inhabited hub to what might turn out to be kind of an RP wasteland--for RP reasons! So, obviously, it would be pleasant to be able to pop back and forth a fair amount. Pleasant and unrealistic.

    Which has set me to thinking: for those of you who (a) are reasonably rigorous about these things and (b) have characters who aren't Bree-land locals, what do you . . . uh, do? Do you allow time to be kind of elastic, assuming that you've somehow had the requisite weeks of travel (without running out the clock on the war!) to get from where you have your adventures to where there's hot and cold running RP? Do you stay hardcore, sticking to Bree-lander/Dwarven trader/hobbit/etc. RP characters for Bree? Do you, in fact, find that you encounter lots of RP opportunities that I've been missing so far, out in the high-level areas? Are there sekrit RP hubs out there in endgameland?

    My sense is that everybody's got a different answer to this question. That's the kind of question it is. Still, I'm curious to hear some of those answers.

    Edit: I feel like I oughtta emphasize that I'm not saying "Help! I have no solution to this problem!" Rather, I'm wondering what solutions and accommodations other Laurelin roleplayers have arrived at. I'm not going to go so far as to say "what the consensus is," of course--I wouldn't dream of there being consensus on something like this . . .
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    From my personal experience there is not much RP to be found in higher level regions of the games unless you are the one to conduct it; call in a few friends who have a mutual interest in the RP and would love to tag along, and to ICly experience the new regions(Or simply all) that the game has to offer. I do indeed RP in those high level regions, but I have been trying to for weeks to get the RP to grow active there. All this was from little to no avail, it just appears to me that it is a very difficult task to encourage RPers to be independent in these regions, therefore RP is lacking.

    Plenty of folk play on Laurelin SPECIFICALLY for the RP, and you will notice this. They have absolutely no interest in game content and would not go about exploring what else of Middle-Earth as Turbine has offered, therefore these players are bound to one single location: Bree, the Prancing Pony. That, by me appears to be the most active RPing hub in Laurelin, unless there is one that I am unaware of. Thus players flock to the Prancing Pony to get their daily dosage of RP.

    I myself have a good twelve characters on Laurelin. Some here, some there; in such a way I allow myself to experience Middle-Earth in the way that my characters are capable without having them 'tainted'(It's a strong word, yes) by experiencing the rainbow nation of folk from afar that Bree has to offer. It leaves some interactions for my characters a mystery until the glorious day comes in which he randomly finds himself in the company of a specific kin-folk and he can react as he would! Exciting bits of RP.
    With twelve characters I find myself able to log what I want for specific RP. If I want Elf RP then I would log my Elf and more so venture into HoF for the weekly event.
    If I want Bree RP I would rather log one of my characters who are most likely 'permanently' stationed there due to what ever circumstances have brought him there. I seldom find a point in having my character travel back and forth endlessly to experience some newly added game content, and then to experience some active RP.

    All of the above summed up: I have plenty of alts and each of them serve the purposes of my creativity, and the purpose of active RP. Though not only that: One needs to have friends with common interest if they are wanting to get RP in the more remote places of Middle-Earth. Joining kinships and getting involved in some things does aid to meeting new folks and new RP opportunities!
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    There's a fair amount of independent and kinship RPing going on in Trestlebridge, North Downs. For Elven RP-hubs it's usually Ered Luin, or the Hall of Fire in Rivendell every Wednesday (other races are welcome, I believe). There's also some effort being put into using more Elven areas for RPing (Lorien, Mirkwood) through the Silvan Revelries event. For Hobbits there's the Michael Delving Market bi-weekly event, but I'm unsure of the specific locations of casual roleplay. For Dwarves however, I have no idea!

    Note that the RP Hubs are mostly based in low-level areas to accommodate players who may not have access to higher level ones. But I'm sure that many would be interested in RPing outside of them, it's just a matter of finding those people globallff isn't a bad place to ask.

    You should also keep an eye on the right-hand side of Laurelin Archives - it lists all the current/future RP events going on. It's a great resource for Laurelin role-players in general, anyway. I would also suggest checking out this page which explains and tells you how to gain access to the secret Laurelin RP channel, where you can find answers to many lore-related questions as well as other roleplayers of all races.
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    [Laurelin] Elven RP Community Feedback Thread
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    My most played char is a Prancing Pony tavern waitress. Now, having her out in the wilderness doesn't work for me at all. The feeling of being out of place outside the tavern is very bad for my immersion. And I solve that with region based alts.

    I found out it works like a charm for my immersion to have my character embedded in a region.
    A few examples:
    Ered Luin
    - Eglendil (elf male) the Handsome Loth-i-Lonnath soldier
    - Lethril (elf female), Duillond gardener

    - Mirineth (elf female), Counselor
    - Galawyn (elf female), healer (also: long distance scout, my most mobile elf)

    - Cymaru (woman), a retired housekeeper
    - Ellae Stretch (woman), tavern waitress
    - Snowdrops (hobbit lady), fancy Little Folk lady
    - Beechfield (man), Bree Town Watcher

    And I have a secret, silent Dwarf. I think a Dwarf has IC access to almost any area, perhaps except for Elven refuges, Rohan and border areas. It is IMHO the best race to start wandering all the locations In Character. I never RP-d a dwarf tho
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    Well, my toon (Haenir) is in Bree for reasons that aren't really clear unless you've talked to him, but there is in fact a reason. He's a Dunadan of The North, having been born in Esteldin, and still has connections up above Trestlebridge, and further West in Evendim. He travels back and forth every once in a while for IC reasons and more recently has been planning a trip East to Imladris.

    Anywho, in all honesty, what I do is simply say Haenir is going somewhere, leave town and then use the "RP break" to go back and finish old Epics, run instances, etc without RP gumming up the works. I just make sure to use the In-Game/Real-Life time scale to be gone for an appropriate amount of time. Trying to find RP opportunities in the landscape is pretty much a dismal experience. Nost Amor spends quite a bit of time in The Hall of Fire in Rivendell, so if you are an Elf-Friend (more or less either an Elf yourself or a Ranger would be the only Lore-Applicable groups that would be considered such by Rivendell [at least as I interpret clues set forth in various places]), that would be one option.

    Otherwise, unfortunately, Bree is your best shot if you really want to find RP. Your best choice is to find a group of toons with comparable backgrounds or reasons to go where you're going, and organize a trip together. I don't mean to say that there isn't RP outside of Bree, because there is, but finding it can be a bit of a pain.

    The fact that we're forced to roleplay in Bree is the fault of both Turbine and of players, and probably moreso players. We dictate where the RP is and refuse to branch out to the massive world that Turbine has given us to dink around in. Turbine's fault lies in the fact that there has not been a single community driven event outside of the starter/F2P zones. I understand why they do this, so nobody feels left out, but I think it /might/ be in their best interests to have some RP or Community Events outside of Bree. I mean, if you're Level 100 and VIP, what do you stand to gain other than access to the whole world and Dol Amroth? I think it'd be nice to have some IG rewards in addition to what is really just world access in terms of events held in Rohan, Gondor, Great River and the like.

    I'm sure that I've gone so far off the point that you'll need a map to get back to OP's sentiment, and I've lost my compass, so I'm shutting up now.

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    I find it better ro just stay incharacter as playing and questing im generally ic at all times best rp.



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