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    Pony vs. far-off places, non-Pony RP hubs, travel times--seeking opinions, general blather

    Hey all--

    I threw this question up on /globallff a few days ago, but I thought I might as well post it too. I feel like it's . . . sort of a tricky issue that LotRO is more susceptible to than most MMOs, given the essentially realistic IC means of travel available, plus the relative positions of the Prancing Pony and anywhere interesting.

    The issue's this: the Prancing Pony is, as far as I've ever seen, the spot where you can rely on finding pickup RP. I switched over from another server some months ago, and even as a kinless oddball my character already has acquaintances, friends, and people-to-stay-the-hell-away-from in there. The Pony is also, IC, many weeks' ride from the frontlines of the war, with some very dodgy places in between.

    In my particular case, this becomes relevant because the character I mostly play has good reason to live in Bree, but equally good IC reason to blow town, go east, and get into the fighting--particularly with Dol Amroth about to become a thing. Paradoxically, this would mean going from a very RPer-inhabited hub to what might turn out to be kind of an RP wasteland--for RP reasons! So, obviously, it would be pleasant to be able to pop back and forth a fair amount. Pleasant and unrealistic.

    Which has set me to thinking: for those of you who (a) are reasonably rigorous about these things and (b) have characters who aren't Bree-land locals, what do you . . . uh, do? Do you allow time to be kind of elastic, assuming that you've somehow had the requisite weeks of travel (without running out the clock on the war!) to get from where you have your adventures to where there's hot and cold running RP? Do you stay hardcore, sticking to Bree-lander/Dwarven trader/hobbit/etc. RP characters for Bree? Do you, in fact, find that you encounter lots of RP opportunities that I've been missing so far, out in the high-level areas? Are there sekrit RP hubs out there in endgameland?

    My sense is that everybody's got a different answer to this question. That's the kind of question it is. Still, I'm curious to hear some of those answers.

    Edit: I feel like I oughtta emphasize that I'm not saying "Help! I have no solution to this problem!" Rather, I'm wondering what solutions and accommodations other Laurelin roleplayers have arrived at. I'm not going to go so far as to say "what the consensus is," of course--I wouldn't dream of there being consensus on something like this . . .
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