Hello folk, it is a while that I have this idea and I would really like to see it realized. I hope to find a couple of players who will join me in this epic deed!

What I am trying to setup is a completionist group with a specific theme: The Three Hunters
So a dwarf guardian, a captain and a elf hunter, the purpose of this group would try to complete every quest and every deed the game offers.
To avoid overleveling the characters will have to equip the [Stone of the Tortoise] , so almost everything will be played on level (when not under, to make the things a little more challanching).
All my characters are based on Laurelin, but start a new one on another server wouldn't be an obstacle!
The group should meet once per week, my time zone is CET.

If you're interested leave an answer here, we will discuss more details via private mail.

Thanks for your attention, I hope to find people for this "thing" and have some good time in Middle-earth.

Have a nice day!

NOTE: if intersted please reply to the main thread: http://goo.gl/z8ov5H