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    Captain - Kichi
    Minnie - Watercolor/Gaitz
    Hunter - Jasthir
    Champ - Prokion
    Burg - Osmundia
    LM - Ak
    RK - Gaho
    Warden - Frogimir
    Guardian - Goinglittler/Yamah

    ______________________________ __

    Warleader - Eldacarionis
    Reaver - Coco/Chrispbacon
    BA - Goober/Flechaz
    Warg - Brisita
    Spider - Umbrenil
    Defiler - Stinkypots
    TeleKinetic Moorsteamsix
    "The man who moves a mountain, begins by carrying away small stones"

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    Mar 2008
    Wow I can't believe how many names I still recognize.

    XO ~ Ever

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    There are hardly any people on these days (well it has picked up i guess but still...) so therefore I wouldnt be able to judge who is good.
    Action is bad coz people dont wanna pvp in moors :P ill explain :
    The other day i made a spy on another account because i couldnt find any creeps, I asked in OCC if any creeps were online, and got 4 answers. So i asked if anyone wanted to spar and people said no, understandable i guess. Then I grouped up with a warden (dps mini and dps ward duo), and shouted out if anyone wanted to fight... knowing that these 4 creeps (all above r7) were grouped. So they replied yes, we had a fight at GTA (dps mini + ward duo , vs defi 2 rvr and BA) and won. So i go on creepside and say "Nice fight!" . No reply, we wait a couple of minutes at CTA where we fought, and nothing came back so i sent a tell to each of these creeps, and for all of em it said "Player is offline or does not exist." apart from the BA; who told me they logged because they lost.

    slode pvp will never pick up if people do this ^ Just my 2 cents.


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