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    "Destiny of Heroes" introducing themselves to Snowbourn

    Hello everyone,

    I think it was long overdue that our kinship introduces itself to this server.

    First of all we want to thank those who have given us a warm welcome already. We look forward playing alongside or against you!

    A few of us have already played here for almost 2 months, while others slowly but steadily transfer to join our ranks on this very nice server again. Our players almost all come from Withywindle, a smaller server with quite some dedicated PvPers on, but the problem for us was/is: Its just gotten a little bit too small.

    We will orientate mainly on PvP, but are also forcing ourselves through the last challenges this game has yet to offer in PvE. We use Teamspeak 3 to communicate and have currently 13 active people.
    Our members all try to play to the best of their abilities and we never back down to fight against the odds.

    We plan to expand our numbers to 20, so we can play with a group of 12 at almost any time if there need be. For that expansion in ranks, we look mainly for people who can play their class and understand the basic game mechanics. Using Teamspeak is not optional in this kinship.
    If you are interested in joining a close bunch of people who want to get everything out of their classes and are also quite helpful, you can contact me on my Cappy Leischoo.

    For further questions I am also happy to assisst you.

    Cheers Leischoo

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    Good luck there

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    Quote Originally Posted by RohirrimCaptain View Post
    Good luck there
    Thanx mate

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    I've already seen you in Moors. Pretty impressive. You're probably the only Freeps not stay in the GV.
    Keep it up.

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    An impressive kin, especially given the content situation. Some very competent players and a good relaxed, informative (rather than ragey) raid leading style. Would be a great place for anyone looking for some old school raiding / pvp kin values.

    Good luck filling up the roster guys
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    You forgot me!! hahaha just kidding! Im staying to keep Grayhammer company, have you seen his comic?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgomeister View Post
    You forgot me!! hahaha just kidding! Im staying to keep Grayhammer company, have you seen his comic?!

    Hey Burgo!

    If you ever want to switch, you know you are welcome to join us again. Drag Nan with you then!

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    Destiny of Heroes has grown quite nicely now. Often 10-12 people online to start some nice action like e.g. Erebor t2c or ofc PvP!

    All we need now is 1 main cappy, 1 main Warden and 1 main Champ.

    If you seek challenges like us and your main is one of the 3, go ahead and write Leischoo ingame.

    Cheers Leisch

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    hi and welcome
    I'm Back.
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