Greetings People

As some may’ve already noticed the Guardians of Music have been organizing a weekly music-event on Wednesdays. Normally we’d play some music and share some drinks, but from next event onward our formula will change. With these changes the event's name will also change from 'GOTL on Tour' to the 'Eldar Music Night'

Who are we?
‘The Guardians of Music’ is the name of ‘The Guardians of The Light’s kin-band.

What will the event be like from now on?
From this moment on anyone who knows how to use lotro’s music-system can join the act. To join the person or band will have to either send me (Sythef) an ingame mail or reply at our post on the eldar-forum with the following information:

• Names of the people joining in;
• Band-name (if applicable);
• Songs you want to play (+ approx. duration of each song).
• The time-period you can join the event (e.g. you have time from 7:30 till 8)
• Date you want to join.

Depending on how many people volunteer you’ll have the opportunity to play all of them or just a few songs. I’d also like to ask those who want to join to send their mail/reply before Monday 7PM (from week in which you want to join). By doing so you’ll give me a chance to put a preliminary list with bands playing at

What if I didn’t send in the request to join before Monday 7PM?
In this case you may still join, however the people who sent in requests on time get priority concerning the time they play. However in this case you should at least inform me an hour before the event starts.

What will happen if there are only few volunteers?
Do not fear as our kinband is also here. Whenever there ain’t enough volunteers from outside our kinship our very own band will play music as we’ve been doing for over 2 months now.

When and where is the event exactly?
The event is held every Wednesday at 7PM UK time at the stage in Bree. The event itself usually lasts till 9PM, but this time can be extended on demand.

What happens if some details about this event change?
In the event parts of this event change we’ll be post about it at

Benefits for volunteers:
Volunteering isn’t without its benefits. Any person or band who places a request to play on time (before Monday 7pm of week you want to join) will receive some pipeweed after they played their song(s).

Benefits for audience:
Anyone in the audience can get free drinks offered by our band. Depending on the week it’ll either be a volunteer-waitress from our kin or me (sythef) who shares the drinks. And don’t worry when the stock runs dry we’ll just get some more.

Hope to see you all there, and may Eldar prosper once again!