My dad plays LOTRO very casually - maybe once a month if he gets the chance. He doesn't pay too much attention to the more "meta" mechanics like deeds, trait trees, etc - He just really loves being able to play in Middle-earth and do quests and interact with the amazing Tolkien characters (he was so excited to start doing quests for Aragorn in Rivendell!).

Since I no longer live at home it's harder for me to help explain some of these game mechanics to him. So I was recently working on a video trait tree overview for him when I realized that this could be good for a lot of people. And THEN I realized that there are a lot of terms used in the trait trees that don't even get defined in-game by Turbine - things like AoE, CC, DPS - that most of us forum users probably don't even think about.

So instead of the trait tree guide I have wound up deciding to make a whole series of Beginner guides for various aspects of the game. I'll be posting them here as I finish them.

The first that I've made is for Terms and Acronyms - it defines various "MMO jargon" words that get used in LOTRO as well as some LOTRO-specific terms and also gives some in-game examples of those terms.

Hopefully this helps some new players out and it might even help out some people who have been playing longer!