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    Cool VIDEO GUIDE: Dol Amroth - Level 100 Daily Quests (potential spoilers)

    I've made a video that introduces the end game dailies, shows you were to go, how to get started. I talk through the factions and explain how the various tokens can be used and earned. Covers all factions, including explaining how the two server unlocked factions work and what they unlock! Also tells you where to grab the intro quest for the Tarlang's Crown storyline. It should give you enough to get started without standing there wondering 'hmmmm, how does this all work then?'

    Thought it may be handy for peeps that learn better from watching instead of loads and loads of text.

    Take a look but my advice is take a look once you are lvl 100 - unless you want to be spoiled!!

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    Good info. Thank you for making the video.
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